Zap is a starting card for The Defect that channels 1 Lightning Orb.

Upgrading Zap reduces its cost from 1 to 0.

As a starting card, Zap can only be obtained mid-run through Match and Keep, The Library, or A Note For Yourself.

Strategy Edit

Zap is a cornerstone of The Defect's strategic arsenal; you'll rarely have a reason not to upgrade it, let alone cut it. Zap is the most consistent way to generate the most consistent Orb, and can Evoke an Orb in a pinch.

Upgrading Zap is strongly recommended. Not only does it make Zap easier to fit into a turn, it enables All for One and Scrape to generate Lightning Orbs.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 27: Hello World
    • This week adds the long anticipated third character into the game!
    • A new character with unique mechanics, keywords, and art.
    • Content: 75 Cards.
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