Wrath Form is a Power card for The Silent.

Note that the Dexterity loss stacks. So after playing 2 Wraith Forms you will lose 2 Dexterity at the end of each turn.

The continuous Dexterity loss is a debuff, and can therefore be prevented if you have Artifact in place before using Wraith Form, or halted by using Orange Pellets afterwards.

Synergy Edit

  • Wraith Form can be amazing in a Blur
    or Calipers run, where you can stockpile a ton of block in advance of losing all your Dexterity.

Old Wraith Form Edit

This was reworked on April 12, 2018 (Patch 20), from the following effect: Whenever you play a skill, deal 3 (5) damage to a random enemy.

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