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Wheel of Change is an event that can appear in Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3. A small gremlin appears and forces you to play a wheel of fortune game.


Condition in parentheses are for Ascension 15 or higher.

There is no option to avoid playing.

  • [Play] Spin the wheel and get a prize.
Symbol Prize
[Prize!] Receive a large amount of gold. The amount depends on the Act.
[Prize!] Obtain a random Relic
[Prize!] Heal to full HP.
[Prize?] Become Cursed - Decay.
[Prize!] Remove a card from your deck.
[Prize?] Take 10% (15%) of your max HP as damage.


You come upon a dapper looking, cheery gremlin.
Gremlin: "It's time to spin the wheel! Are you R E A D Y ? Of course you are!"
WheelGold.png Gold
Gremlin: "You win some GOLD!"
Gremlin: "YAY!!!!"
WheelChest.png Relic
Gremlin: "Ah, a gift!"
Gremlin: "Enjoy!"
WheelHeal.png Heal
Gremlin: "Oooh, a free Heal for you!"
WheelCurse.png Cursed - Decay
Gremlin: "Looks like you won a Curse!"
Gremlin: "That's not good."
Gremlin: "Oh well! Better luck next time!"
WheelRemove.png Card Removal
Gremlin: "Ohh, the power of darkness..."
Gremlin: "Choose a card to remove from your deck!"
WheelDamage.png Take Damage
Gremlin: "Uh oh!"
Gremlin: "You lose!"
You spot him readying a shiv...
You slash at the crazy gremlin but he's simply too quick!
He gets you a few times with a crude shiv.
Gremlin: "The price has been paid!!
and with that, both the gremlin and its wheel disappear in a puff of smoke.


  • This is one of a few events that can outright kill you. Its difference is that you have no option to avoid it.

Update History[]

  • Weekly Patch 56: The Collector
    • Updated assets for the Wheel of Change event.
  • Weekly Patch 49: The Designer
    • Wheel of Change event no longer makes you stuck if the only removable cards in your deck are bottled.
  • Weekly Patch 39: We Meet Again!
    • Gremlin Wheel event relic reward now pops up in a reward screen so that it is skippable.
  • Weekly Patch 29: TURBO
    • Fixed issue where Gremlin Wheel event was not seeded.
  • Weekly Patch 27: Hello World
    • Fix for Bottled cards showing up in Wheel of Change event's Purge result.
  • Weekly Patch 21: Channel Lightning
    • Seeds are now utilized for Wheel of Change event.
  • Weekly Patch 17: Patched in the Face
    • Ascender's Bane can no longer be removed through the Wheel event.
  • Weekly Patch 6: We're Back!
    • Wheel of Change event now has art.
  • Weekly Patch 4: Full speed ahead!
    • Fixing up quote typos in Wheel of Change event.



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