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We Meet Again! is an event that can appear in Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3. You encounter an eccentric man named Ranwid, who seemed to have met you before, though you have no recollection of such thing.


  • [Give Potion] Lose a potion. Receive a Relic.
    • Requires at least 1 potion in your possession.
  • [Give Gold] Lose a varying amount of gold. Receive a Relic.
    • Requires at least 50 gold in your possession.
      • The amount of gold he requests is between 50 (minimum value) and your current amount of gold.
  • [Give Card] Lose a card. Receive a Relic.
    • Requires a valid card in your possession.
  • [Attack] Nothing happens.

The Potion, Gold, and Card are chosen randomly, and are displayed to you when you make your choice.

The Relic rewarded will be a randomly-selected Common, Uncommon or Rare Relic. Which relic it is will not be displayed.


"We meet again!"
A cheery disheveled fellow approaches you gleefully. You do not know this man.
"It's me, Ranwid! Have any goods for me today? The usual? A fella like me can't make it alone, you know?
You eye him suspiciously and consider your options...
Ranwid: "Exquisite! Was feeling parched."
Glup glup glup
He downs the potion in one go and lets out a satisfied burp.
Ranwid: "Magnificent! This will be quite handy if I run into those mask wearing hoodlums again."
Ranwid: "Exemplary! I shall study this further in my chambers."
He rummages around his various pockets...
Ranwid: "Here, look what I've got for you today! Take it take it!"
Ranwid: "Aaaaagghh!! What a jerk you are sometimes!"
He runs away.


  • The name Ranwid is an anagram for Darwin.
  • Ranwid expresses knowledge and thoughts of certain items and creatures in the Spire as observed by his quotes in the relics Strawberry.png Strawberry, Cables.png Gold-Plated Cables, GremlinHorn.png Gremlin Horn, SelfFormingClay.png Self-Forming Clay, ToxicEgg2.png Toxic Egg, TheSpecimen.png The Specimen, EmptyCage.png Empty Cage, and OddMushroom.png Odd Mushroom. They also support Ranwid's tendency to research and examine some collectibles in his chambers.
  • The starting dialogue of the event and its name imply that the player has met Ranwid before, referencing the constant revival of the player by Neow and hence, the repeating meetings. The first meeting between Ranwid and the player, however, is never made clear or explained in the game.
  • Ranwid's mentioning of the "mask wearing hoodlums" refers to the Red Mask gang found in the Masked Bandits event.
  • Giving Ranwid a ExplosivePotion.png Explosive Potion, FirePotion.png Fire Potion, or PoisonPotion.png Poison Potion does not affect him at all, ironically.

Update History[]

  • Weekly Patch 47: Metamorphosis
    • Typo fixed in We Meet Again event.
  • Weekly Patch 38: Bane
    • We Meet Again event no longer allows the player to drink or discard the potion.
  • Weekly Patch 37: Darkness
    • Preview card in We Meet Again event now shows a copy (not shrunk or rotated anymore).
  • Weekly Patch 36: Power Through
    • Fixed bug where We Meet Again potion removal didn't apply for the left most slot.
  • Weekly Patch 35: Aggregate
    • Adding event We Meet Again.



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