Watcher cards are gained from Card Reward screens during games played with the Watcher. They can also be gained from merchant shops and from the effects of events, relics, and other Watcher cards. Watcher cards come in three rarities: common, uncommon, and rare.

Name Rarity Type Energy Description
Defend Starter Skill 1 Gain 5(8) Block.
Eruption Starter Attack 2 Deal 9(15) damage. Enter #Wrath.
Strike Starter Attack 1 Deal 6(9) damage.
Vigilance Starter Skill 2 Enter Calm. Gain 8(12) Block.
Bowling Bash Common Attack 1 Deal 7(10) damage for each enemy in combat.
Clear the Mind Common Skill 1(0) Enter Calm. Exhaust.
Consecrate Common Attack 0 Deal 4(6) damage to ALL enemies.
Crescendo Common Skill 1(0) Retain. Enter Wrath. Exhaust.
Crush Joints Common Attack 1 Deal 9(12) damage. If the previous card played was a skill, apply 1(2) Vulnerable.
Cut Through Fate Common Attack 1 Deal 7(9) damage. Scry 2(3). Draw 1 card.
Empty Body Common Skill 1 Gain 7(10) Block. Exit your Stance.
Empty Fist Common Attack 1 Deal 8(12) damage. Exit your Stance.
Empty Mind Common Skill 1 Exit your Stance. Draw 2(3) cards.
Flying Sleeves Common Attack 1 Retain. Deal 4(6) damage twice.
Follow-Up Common Attack 1 Deal 6(8) damage. If the previous card played was an Attack, gain Energy.
Halt Common Skill 0 Gain 3(4) Block. Wrath: Gain 7(10) additional block.
Just Lucky Common Attack 0 Scry 1(2). Gain 2(3) Block. Deal 3(4) damage.
Protect Common Skill 2 Retain. Gain 13(17) Block.
Sanctity Common Skill 1 Gain 6(9) Block. If the previous card played was a Skill, draw 2 card.
Third Eye Common Skill 1 Gain 7(9) Block. Scry 3(5).
Weave Common Attack 0 Deal 5(8) damage. Add this card to your handwhen it would be discarded from your draw pile.
Adaptation Uncommon Power 1 (Innate.) Whenever you switch Stances, draw 1 card.
Carve Reality Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 4(6) damage. Add a(n Upgraded) Smite to your hand.
Clarity Uncommon Skill 1 Look at the top 2(3) cards of your draw pile. Add 1 to your hand. Exhaust the other(rest).
Cleanse Evil Uncommon Skill X Add X (Upgraded) Smites to your hand.
Collect Uncommon Skill X Gain 2 Energy at the start of your next X(+1) turns. Exhaust.
Conclude Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 10(14) damage to ALL enemies. End your turn.
Deceive Reality Uncommon Skill 1 Gain 4(6) Block. Add a(n Upgraded) Safety to your hand.
Devotion Uncommon Power 1 At the start of your turn, gain 2(3) Mantra.
Establishment Uncommon Power 1 (Innate.) Whenever a card is Retained, lower its cost by 1.
Evaluate Uncommon Skill 1 Gain 6 Block. Shuffle 1 (Upgraded) Insight into your draw pile.
Fasting Uncommon Power 1 Gain 2(3) Artifact.
Fear No Evil Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 8(11) damage. If the enemy intends to Attack, enter Calm.
Flurry of Blows Uncommon Attack 0 Deal 4(6) damage. On Stance change, returns from the Discard Pile into your hand.
Foreign Influence Uncommon Skill 0 Choose 1 of 3 (Upgraded) Attacks to add to your hand. These cards can be of any color. Exhaust.
Inner Peace Uncommon Skill 1 If you are in Calm, draw 3(4) cards, oherwise Enter Calm.
Meditate Uncommon Skill 1 Exhaust up to 2(3) cards. Enter Calm.
Mental Fortress Uncommon Power 1 Whenever you switch Stances, gain 4(6) Block.
Path to Victory Uncommon Skill 1(0) Draw a card and reduce its cost to 0 this turn. Exhaust.
Perseverance Uncommon Skill 1 Retain. Gain 5(7) Block. Whenever this card is Retained, increase its Block by 2(3).
Prostrate Uncommon Skill 0 Gain 2(3) Mantra. Gain 1 Vulnerable. Add an Insight into your discard pile.
Sands of Time Uncommon Attack 4 Retain. Deal 20(26) damage. Whenever this card is Retained, lower its cost by 1.
Scrawl Uncommon Skill 0 Draw 3(4) cards. You cannot play Skills for the rest of this turn.
Simmering Fury Uncommon Skill 1 Scry 3(5). Enter Wrath at the start of your next turn.
Spirit Shield Uncommon Skill 2 Gain 2(3) Block for each card in your hand.
Step and Strike Uncommon Attack 3 Costs 1 less per switched Stance this turn. Gain 8(10) Block. Deal 8(10) damage.
Swivel Uncommon Skill 2 Gain 8(11) Block. The next Attack you play costs 0.
Talk to the Hand Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 5(7) damage. Whenever this enemy takes damage, gain 2(3) Block. Exhaust.
Tantrum Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 7(11) damage. Enter Wrath. You cannot leave Wrath for the remainder of the turn.
Wave of the Hand Uncommon Skill 1 Calm: Apply 2(3) Weak. Wrath: Apply 2(3) Vulnerable.
Windmill Strike Uncommon Attack 2 Retain. Deal 8(12) damage. Whenever this card is Retained, increase its damage by 2(3).
Wireheading Uncommon Power 1 (Innate.) At the start of your turn, Scry 3.
Worship Uncommon Skill 2 (Innate.) Gain 5 Mantra.
Wreath of Flame Uncommon Skill 1 Your next Attack deals 5(8) additional damage.
Alpha Rare Skill 1 (Innate.) Shuffle a Beta into your draw pile. Exhaust.
Battle Hymn Rare Power 1(0) The first card you draw each turn has its cost reduced by 1 for the turn.
Blasphemy Rare Skill 1(0) Enter Divinity. Die next turn.
Brilliance Rare Skill 1(0) Transform your hand into Miracles. Exhaust.
Deus Ex Machina Rare Skill Unplayable Unplayable. When you draw this card, add 2(3) Miracles into your hand. Exhaust.
Deva Form Rare Power 3 Gain 9(12) Plated Armor.
Flow State Rare Skill 1 Wrath: Enter Calm. Calm: Enter Wrath. Exhaust. (Doesn't Exhaust.)
Judgement Rare Skill 1 If the enemy has 30(40) or less HP, set their HP to 0.
Lesson Learned Rare Attack 2 Deal 10(12) damage. If this kills an enemy, Upgrade a random card in your deck. Exhaust.
Master Reality Rare Power 2(1) Choose Smite or Safety. At the start of each turn, add the chosen card to your hand.
Metaphysics Rare Skill 1 Shuffle a(n Upgraded) Causality into your draw pile. Exhaust.
Nirvana Rare Power 1 (Innate.) Whenever you play a card, Upgrade it for the rest of combat.
Omniscience Rare Skill 1 Scry your draw pile. Exhaust. (Doesn't Exhaust.)
Pray Rare Skill 1 Gain 3 Mantra. Shuffle a(n Upgraded) Miracle into your draw pile.
Ragnarok Rare Attack 3 Deal 5(6) damage to a random enemy 5(6) times.
Reach Heaven Rare Attack 2 Deal 8(10) damage. Shuffle a(n Upgraded) Through Violence into your draw pile.
Signature Move Rare Attack 2 Can only be played if this is the only attack in your hand. Deal 30(40) damage.
Unraveling Rare Skill 2(1) Play all of the cards in your hand from left to right. Targets are chosen randomly. Exhaust.
Vault Rare Attack 3 Gain 1 Intangible and end your turn. At the start of your next turn, deal 15(20) damage. Exhaust.
Wallop Rare Attack 3 Deal 12(15) damage. Gain Block equal to unblocked damage dealt.
Wish Rare Skill 4(3) Choose a card in your draw pile. Play the chosen card twice and exhaust it. Exhaust.
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