"A blind ascetic who has come to "Evaluate" the Spire. Master of the divine Stances."


The Watcher is a playable character (currently exclusive to the beta branch) added to the beta build in the Testing the Fourth Character update . She is a monk that utilizes the effects of her different stances to her advantage, boasts an arsenal oriented around deck control via scrying and/or retaining, and possesses the unique benefits of Miracles. She starts with 72 HP. 

The Watcher's unique mechanic is her stances. She can enter, remain in or exit her stances using a variety of different cards in order to yield certain advantages from them.  She has 4 different stances

The Watcher's starting Relic is Pure Water. At the start of each combat, it adds a Miracle to your hand.

For the Watcher's full list of cards, click here.

Basic Cards (Default/Starting Deck) Edit

Strategies Edit

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Unlocks Edit

The Watcher is unlocked by completing a run with The Defect.

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