"A blind ascetic who has come to "Evaluate" the Spire. Master of the divine Stances."


The Watcher is a playable character (currently exclusive to the beta branch) added to the beta build in the Testing the Fourth Character update . She is a monk that utilizes the effects of her different stances to her advantage, boasts an arsenal oriented around deck control via scrying and/or Icon Retain retaining, and possesses the unique benefits of Miracles. She starts with 72 HP. 

The Watcher's unique mechanic is her stances. She can enter, remain in or exit her stances using a variety of different cards in order to yield certain advantages from them.  She has 4 different stances

The Watcher's starting Relic is Pure Water. At the start of each combat, it adds a Miracle to your hand.

For the Watcher's full list of cards, click here.

Basic Cards (Default/Starting Deck)


The Retain Deck

  • This build is primarily defensive, and wants to utilize to lower the cost of your cards and build up to one incredibly powerful turn once costs are reduced and cards are powered up. This deck is going to be lower on attacks and heavy on skills.
    • - This is your best card. If you find it early, grab it and upgrade it the first chance you can get. Upgrading gives it Innate, meaning you will always draw it and only need one.
    • - Your best attack card. This can sit in your hand and have its cost reduced thanks to , followed by a Stance change to Wrath, likely killing your target.
    • - Your other attack card. With , it will be free in two turns.
    • - This card combos with as well, since the two cards will be reduced as soon you pick them up. This will reduce the cost of any card you pick up, even if they don't have Icon Retain Retain. As well, going into Calm can help end a big turn.
    • / - It is preferable to have at least one of each in your deck. No need to upgrade them if you have , since they will cost 0 one turn later.
    • - It's rare, but the best defensive card for this build, especially because you will have many cards in your hand. Upgrade this if you can, though it is optional to do so.
    • - This allows you to fill up your hand, picking up several Icon Retain Retain cards.
    • - This is a good card regardless of your build. It is preferable to have one to help smooth out card draws.
    • // - Your most simple cards. You'll likely want at least one of each defensive card, hopefully two if you can find them.
  • Of note, a couple of Scry cards can be useful. This helps filter out curses, and can still be useful even if it isn't a Icon Retain Retain card. alone isn't enough for this purpose.

The Ragnarok Deck

  • A deck focuses on keeping a thin deck with a way to defend yourself until you get the perfect turn to unleash a buffed attack hopefully killing anything in your way. It helps to get the card fairly early, but a lot of Wrath-based decks can include it efficiently.
    • - The namesake of this deck, this card scales extremely well with the Wrath stance as well as several other cards. Upgrading it is a must.
    • - On an unupgraded , a single will add an additional 25 damage to the attack. Stacking this card is very important for the burst attack.
    • - Saving the given by this card will allow you to buff your even more by allowing you to play more .
    • - Gives you survivability while also allowing you to prune your draws just the way you like them.
    • - Upgraded, this card lets you fill up your hand with potentially more without losing any Energy.
    • - Gives your more damage, however sacrifices some energy. Good if you get an early energy relic and can reliably draw .


The Watcher is unlocked by completing a run with any character while having the Defect unlocked (the Watcher is unlocked after beating an A3 boss).

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