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Void is an Unplayable, Ethereal Status card.

When Void is drawn into your hand, you lose 1 Energy. Due to its Ethereal keyword, Void is Exhausted if in your hand at the end of your turn.

Sources of Void[]


  • Evolve: Draw 1 more card for each Void you draw. Stacking Evolves can allow you to draw 2 more cards when you draw a Void.
  • Exhaust synergies can use Void as exhaust fuel. In addition, any effects you may gain from exhausting a card are fulfilled at the end of the turn, since Void is Ethereal.
  • MedicalKit.png Medical Kit allows Void to be played and exhausted for no penalty, though they already exhaust at the end of your turn, and their effect is applied on draw. One of the only scenarios in which such an interaction would be relevant, though, is with Dark Embrace.

Update History[]

  • Weekly Patch 30: Skewer
    • Void card now resolves 0.25s faster.
  • Weekly Patch 18: Paranormal
    • Void card can no longer get you to negative energy.
  • Weekly Patch 17: Patched in the Face
    • Void: Replaces the Darkness debuff from the Awakened One.
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