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Vampires(?) is an event found exclusively in Act 2. You come across a group of hooded figures partaking in some sort of a ritual. They invite you to join them.


  • [Accept] Remove all Strikes. Receive 5 Bites. Lose 30% Max HP.
  • [Refuse] Nothing happens.


Navigating an unlit street, you come across several hooded figures in the midst of some dark ritual. As you approach, they turn to you in eerie unison. The tallest among them bares fanged teeth and extends a long, pale hand towards you.
If you are playing the Ironclad Fanged Stranger: "Join us brother, and feel the warmth of the Spire."
If you are playing the Silent or the Watcher Fanged Stranger: "Join us sister, and feel the warmth of the Spire."
If you are playing the Defect Fanged Stranger: "Join us broken one, and feel the warmth of the Spire."
Offer: BloodVial.png Blood Vial
The pale figures gasp as you take out the Blood Vial.
Pale Figures: "The master's blood... the master's blood! THE MASTER'S BLOOD!"
They all chant fervently as the tall one bows before you.
Fanged Stranger: "Drink from His blood, and become one with Him."
The chant growing louder, you consume the contents of the vial. Your vision immediately warps and fades to darkness.
You wake up some time later, alone. An intense hunger passes through your belly. You must feed.
The tall figure grabs your arm, pulls you forward, and sinks his fangs into your neck. You feel a dark force pour into your neck and course through your body.
You wake up some time later, alone. An intense hunger passes through your belly. You must feed.
You step back and raise your weapon in defiance. The tall figure sighs.
Fanged Stranger: "Very well."
The entire group of hooded figures morph into a thick black fog that flows away from you.
You are alone once more.


  • You are given 5 Bites regardless of how many Strikes were removed.
    • Bite is slightly stronger than Strike (though an upgraded Bite deals less damage than Strike). Still, it is not a particularly damaging card, and its healing is not very powerful. If you are removing Strike already for a thinner deck, obtaining 5 Bites is not unlike re-adding Strikes, clogging your deck with rather mediocre cards.
    • If you are running a Perfected Strike deck, consider avoiding removing all Strikes with this event as it will reduce the damage of Perfected Strike.
  • Feed card can be used to offset the reduction to max HP, albeit very slowly.
  • MoltenEgg2.png Molten Egg upgrades all of the Bites.

Update History[]

  • Patch V1.1: The Dealer
    • Vampires and Council of Ghosts events now show how much Max HP is lost (rather than showing %)
  • Weekly Patch 51: Recursion
    • Minor text cleanup for Vampires event.
  • Weekly Patch 40: Forethought
    • When accepting to become a vampire, a SFX now plays.
  • Weekly Patch 30: Skewer
    • Fix for Vampire and Ghost Council event which could set your HP to 0.
  • Weekly Patch 5: Happy Holidays!
    • Vampires event dialog option is slightly shortened so it fits in the option.
  • Weekly Patch 1: The First of Many!
    • Vampires event text now displays the correct options if you reject them.



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