Our powers are unmatched!

Hello fellow avian enthusiasts! I hope you have 6 HP spare, because we will now ca-CAWmmence our daily cult inauguration... Where'd the donation box go??

Our powers were matched...[edit | edit source]

If you're reading this, then that means you're here for the same reason I am... you like Slay the Spire. That's great! I'm an admin at this joint and I check this place on a regular basis. I'm not the Bureaucrat or the person to submit any sort of staff application to, though: that'd be this madlad.

Discord[edit | edit source]

People on discord are usually like this, and that's fine! That's what discord is for.

If you'd like to get in contact with myself or the wiki following in general, then the best place to do that is the Slay the Spire official Discord. It's connected to this wiki, and is displayed on every page, but here's a link if you need it: https://discord.gg/slaythespire. My username there is Thunder#2542. You can also find Vertroyer there as well as anyone else who helps with the wiki. There's even a wiki channel there. It's also a great hub for Slay the Spire in general.

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