aka Jally

  • I live in The cemetery next door
  • I was born on November 6
  • My occupation is Necromancer and mentor of the young Coven Leader, MewSeeko
  • I am the one who weighs a ton, don't need a gun to get my meal from KFC

Ascension Levels:

- Ironclad: 9

- Silent: 11

- Defect: 5

Favourite Character: Ironclad

Favourite Enemy: Transient

Favourite Boss: The Champ

Least Favourite Enemy: Writhing Mass

Least Favourite Boss: Time Eater

Favourite Ironclad Card: Whirlwind

Favourite Silent Card: Catalyst or Cloak and Dagger

Favourite Defect Card: e l e c t r o d y n a m i c s

Favourite General Relic: Ice Cream or Meat on the Bone

Favourite Ironclad Relic: Magic Flower or Brimstone

Favourite Silent Relic: The Specimen

Favourite Defect Relic: Inserter or Cracked Core

My favorite pagesEdit

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