Every card in the game, aside from Curses and Statuses except Burn, can be upgraded to a better version.

Cards can only be upgraded once, with the exception of Searing Blow.

Ordinarily, this is done by the "Smith" command in Rest sites.

Multiple Relics can upgrade cards.

This can also be done in a multitude of Events.

Upgrade-based Cards Edit

  • Armaments: Directly upgrade 1 card in your hand for this combat. Armaments+ upgrades all cards in your hand for that combat.
  • Apotheosis: Upgrade ALL cards in your deck for this combat.
  • Searing Blow: Can be upgraded an infinite number of times. The first upgrade gives 4 extra damage. Each further upgrade gives 1 more damage than the previous upgrade.

Relics that Upgrade Cards Edit

Events that Upgrade Cards Edit

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