Treasure Room is a map location. They are marked on the map with a chest icon. The character has a chance to go to this room from Unknown Locations.


There is one treasure chest takes the place of where the enemy will be in combat rooms. Clicking the treasure chest will open a reward window. Inside the chest, there is one relic that the player can pick up.

If Act 4 is unlocked, the chest in the first treasure room will contain a relic and a Sapphire Key. The key is linked with the relic, meaning the player can only pick one.

List of relicsEdit

Here is the relics can be obtainable from the chests in the Treasure Room.

Related RelicsEdit

TinyChest Tiny Chest
Tiny Chest:

Gain 30 Gold. You are 10% more likely to find treasure in ? rooms.

"A fine prototype." - The Architect
increases chance to go to Treasure Room from Unknown Location.
Matryoshka Matryoshka

The next 2 chests you open contain 2 Relics. (Excludes boss chests)

A stackable set of painted dolls. The paint depicts an unknown bird with white eyes and blue feathers.
the next 2 chests player open contains 2 relics.
CursedKey Cursed Key
Cursed Key:

Gain ColorlessEnergy at the start of each turn. Whenever you open a non-boss chest, obtain a Curse.

You can feel the malicious energy emanating from the key. Power comes at a price.
Opening a non-boss chests gives a Curse.

N'loth's Hungry Face The next non-boss chest is empty.

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