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Treasure Room is a map location. They are marked on the map with a chest icon.

You are guaranteed a Treasure Room at the halfway points of Acts 1-3. The character also has a chance to go to this type of room from Unknown Locations.


A single non-boss chest stands on where the enemy would be in combat rooms. Clicking the chest will open a reward window. Normally, the reward consists of 1 relic, although certain relics can change this. There was also a chance that gold and potions may be offered alongside as well.

If Act 4 is unlocked and the player has not already picked up the Sapphire Key, the chest in the Treasure room will contain the key along with the relic. The key is linked with the relic, meaning the player can only pick one. If the key is not picked, it will show up again in later chests.

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