Transmutation is a Neutral Skill card. when played, it will give you random colorless cards depending on your current Energy, and will make them cost 0 for that turn. After using it, it will be exhausted.

The upgraded version will give you the upgraded versions of the colorless cards instead.

Old TransmutationEdit

  • Before Weekly Patch 8, Transmutation was a 0-cost Skill with the following text: Transform your Hand. Exhaust.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 44: Chrysalis
    • Corruption and other cost reducing cards no longer make X cost cards like Transmutation and Malaise display cost 0.
    • All sources of random temporary card generation in combat (like Dead Branch) can no longer generate cards that provide healing.
    • New tip added to indicate that healing cards cannot be generated randomly during combat.
  • Weekly Patch 37: Darkness
    • Transmutation card buffed. Cards acquired by Transmutation now cost 0 for the turn.
  • Weekly Patch 12: Lunar New Year
    • Transmutation+ no longer gives you a free card.
  • Weekly Patch 10: Quality of Life
    • Shiv and J.A.X can no longer spawn from effects like Jack Of All Trades and Transmutation.
    • Removing 'Spend all [R].' from all X-cost cards for consistency.
    • Fixed bug where cost X cards do not work with energy gain cards if played too fast.
  • Weekly Patch 8: Ooh Shiny!
    • Transmutation reworked. Cost X -> Gain X random colorless cards (+upgrades)
  • Weekly Patch 7: Setting Up All the Things
    • Fixed typo in Transmutation card description.
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