Transforming is an act that permanently turns a card into a random different card. It is usually done through certain Relics and Events.

Rules and mechanicsEdit

  • Every eligible card has the same chance to be picked. A card is just as likely to become a Demon Form
    as it is a Flex
  • A Curse will only transform into another Curse.
  • A card cannot transform into the same card.
  • Cannot transform a card into a Basic card.
  • A colored (i.e. character-specific) card will only turn into another card of the same color. This means that, under normal circumstances, the player would only receive a card of their current character.
  • Colorless Cards will only transform into another colorless card.
    • They cannot transform into Special cards.
  • Mechanically, the old card is removed and the new card is added to your Deck. Because of this, the rules and effects for card removal/add are applied:

Sources of TransformEdit



Common EventsEdit

Act 1Edit

Act 2Edit

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