• Hi. I'm making pages on some of the bosses in the game and I was wondering where you got your images for the card pages that you are working on?


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    • Actually, I did the card pages in the first place because all of the Ironclad pictures were already done! I just searched the card names and added them using a Template. Looks like Specrez went through the in-game card gallery and took screenshots, and Jestdie cropped out the Ironclad cards. 

      I'm gonna do a few runs and screenshot a bunch of enemies, and colorless/status cards as I find 'em. It'd go a lot faster with two people doing that--- but otherwise, boss pics will come in slowly.

      If you do wanna coordinate that, I'm in the Discord .

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    • Ok, the discord sounds great! I'd be happy to go through and take screenshots. 

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    • Could you try re-linking the Discord to me? I think the invite you sent me is invalid, as it says "expired or invalid" and you only invited me 13 hours ago. Maybe you can't invite me?

      Either way, thanks so much for the reply!

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    • There's a link to the Discord at the top of the Steam news page for this patch--- it'll take you to the localization channel, but there should still be the other rooms

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