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The Woman in Blue is an event that can appear in Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3. You encounter a pale, mysterious woman who forces you to buy her potions.

This event will appear only if you have at least 50 gold.


Condition in parentheses are for Ascension 15 or higher.

  • [Buy 1 Potion] 20 Gold.
  • [Buy 2 Potions] 30 Gold.
  • [Buy 3 Potions] 40 Gold.
  • [Leave] Nothing happens (Lose HP equal to 5% of Max HP).


From the darkness, an arm pulls you into a small shop. As your eyes adjust, you see a pale woman in sharp clothes gesturing towards a wall of potions.
Pale Woman: "Buy a potion. Now!" she states.
Buy any number of Potions
Pale Woman: "Good. Now leave."
You exit the shop cautiously.
Her gloved fist collides with your face, nearly knocking you off your feet.
Pale Woman: "Get out before I litter the floor with your guts."
You take her word and exit with your guts still safely in your body.


  • Potions are generally useful, and this event costs less money compared to the Merchant to obtain the same number of potions. The only risks are its random nature and the posibillity of taking damage at Ascension 15 and higher.
    • If this event is encountered at Ascension 15+ and you do not want any potions, always pick the cheapest option. As this event never occurs if you have less than 20 gold, there is no risk of being forced to take damage.


  • You do not get to choose what potion to buy. Once you choose a number of potions you would like to buy from her, a random selections of potions will be offered to you. You may choose to pick them or skip them.

Update History[]

  • Weekly Patch 15: Surprise Patch
    • Woman in Blue event now correctly describes what happens on Ascension 15.



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