Event - The Ssssserpent

The Ssssserpent is an Act 1 Event.

[Agree] Receive 175 Gold (150 Gold in Ascension 15+). Become Cursed - Doubt.

[Disagree] (Nothing happens)


  • While the question of whether the increase in card removal cost is worth it cannot be answered simply, it is generally not a good choice to take the Curse unless you have some form of ensured card removal before the next Elite or Boss. Whether it is through a Merchant or Peace Pipe, the Doubt should always be removed before the next strong combat.

Update History

  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Addnig ambient SFX for Sssserpent event.
  • Weekly Patch 1: The First of Many!
    • Fixed typo in Sssserpent event text.
  • Day 1 Patch
    • The Serpent's offer is now more compelling.
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