Event - The Ssssserpent

The Ssssserpent is an Act 1 Event.

[Agree] Receive 175 Gold (150 Gold in Ascension 15+). Become Cursed - Doubt.

[Disagree] (Nothing happens)

Strategy Edit

  • While the question of whether the increase in card removal cost is worth it cannot be answered simply, it is generally not a good choice to take the Curse unless you have some form of ensured card removal in the near future (Peace Pipe, shop) or a relic which negates or lessens the impact (Ginger, Blue Candle, Omamori). This is especially true in Ascension 15+, where less gold is granted and the cost of removing a card via some events increases.
  • This event can occur very early in the game, meaning with a small deck you'll end up weakened every 2-3 turns. Since overcoming the Act 1 elites tends to mean defeating them quickly before their buffs or negative effects overwhelm you, if you are unable to remove or negate the Doubt card before the next Elite or Boss it is wise to avoid it.

Trivia Edit

His face can be acquired in the Face Trader event.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Addnig ambient SFX for Sssserpent event.
  • Weekly Patch 1: The First of Many!
    • Fixed typo in Sssserpent event text.
  • Day 1 Patch
    • The Serpent's offer is now more compelling.
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