The Colosseum is an Act 2 Event. It forces a fight with two Slavers, then gives the player the option to fight more enemies for a large reward.


Begins a battle with Blue Slaver and Red Slaver.

Once the battle is over, the following 2 options are given:


Brings up the map screen.

[VICTORY] A powerful fight with many rewards.

Begins a fight with a Taskmaster and a Gremlin Nob. The reward is 100 gold, 1 rare and 1 uncommon relic, and a standard card selection.

Tips Edit

  • While the fight with the slavers is not optional, the second fight is completely optional.
  • As the Gremlin Nob is in front of the Taskmaster, it cannot apply Vulnerable, but it is still powerful and gains Strength from Skills played; it should be dispatched quickly. The Taskmaster, on the other hand, can fill your discard pile with Wounds
    , but does less damage overall.