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The Champ is one of the three bosses encountered at the end of Act 2.


Phase 1[]

Always uses Taunt every 4 turns. On all other turns, has:

  • 15% chance to Defensive Stance
  • 15% chance to Gloat
  • 25% chance to Face Slap
  • 45% chance to Heavy Slash

Moves cannot be used twice in a row: If the previous move would be repeated, the move that comes after it in the list above is selected instead. For example, if the previous move was Gloat, there is now a 0% chance of Gloat and a 40% chance of Face Slap with all the other probabilities unchanged.

If Heavy Slash is used, its probability chance is added to Face Slap instead of Defensive Stance.

On Ascension Ascension Icon.png19+, he will use Defensive Stance instead of Gloat. Defensive Stance can be cast at most twice per battle and subsequent casts are instead Gloats, regardless of ascension.

When HP drops below 50%, he will use Anger next turn and enter Phase 2.

Phase 2[]

After using Anger, will use Execute immediately.

For the next two turns, selects random moves (same exact behavior as in Phase 1), then Executes again. Repeats this pattern (2 random moves, then Execute).

Name Intent Effect
Defensive Stance
Intent - Buff - Defend.png
Gains 15 Icon Block.png Block and 5 Icon Metallicize.png Metallicize.
Gains 18 Ascension Icon.png9+ Icon Block.png Block and 6 Ascension Icon.png9+ Icon Metallicize.png Metallicize.
Gains 20 Ascension Icon.png19+ Icon Block.png Block and 7 Ascension Icon.png19+ Icon Metallicize.png Metallicize.
Face Slap
Intent - Debuff - Sword.png
Deals 12 damage, applying 2 Icon Frail.png Frail and 2 Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable.
Deals 14 Ascension Icon.png4+ damage, applying 2 Icon Frail.png Frail and 2 Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable.
Applies 2 Icon Weak.png Weak and 2 Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable.
Heavy Slash Attack intent 4.png Deals 16 damage.
Deals 18 Ascension Icon.png4+ damage.
Intent - Buff.png
Gains 2 Icon Strength.png Strength.
Gains 3 Ascension Icon.png4+ Icon Strength.png Strength.
Gains 4 Ascension Icon.png19+ Icon Strength.png Strength.
Execute Attack intent 5.png Deals 10 x 2 damage.
Intent - Buff.png
Removes all debuffs, gains 6 Icon Strength.png Strength.
Removes all debuffs, gains 9 Ascension Icon.png4+ Icon Strength.png Strength.
Removes all debuffs, gains 12 Ascension Icon.png19+ Icon Strength.png Strength.


Once the Champ uses his Phase 2 attacks, his strength will be very high, making his attacks do significantly more damage. Combined with the Icon Frail.png Frail and Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable debuffs, the fight can quickly become very dangerous. Execute is a deadly attack; it can end up dealing damage in the twenties 2 times.

Generally, you want to spend the first half of the fight setting up, and then you want to very quickly kill the Champ once his HP drops below half.

Taunt is used on turn 4. Both Anger and Execute (from Phase 2) will override Taunt, letting you avoid the weak if you get his health below half on turns 3 or 4. If you cannot burst this quickly (most decks cannot), avoid getting him angry on turns 5 and 6, as the weak effect makes it difficult for you burst properly through Phase 2, and likely means you will eat another Execute.



Update History[]

  • Patch V2.0: The Watcher
    • Champ boss now recognizes if you have ChampionBelt.png his belt.
  • Weekly Patch 50: The Final Act
    • The Champ's sword attacks get VFX.
  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Updating SFX for Champ charging up.
    • Updating SFX for Champ Slap.
  • Weekly Patch 41: Chill
    • Adding SFX for Champ's Slap.
    • Champ gets a new SFX when charging up.
  • Weekly Patch 40: Forethought
    • Ascension 19 Champ Strength buff nerfed 5 -> 4.
  • Weekly Patch 37: Darkness
    • Champ boss' Execute attack nerf: 7x3 -> 10x2.
    • Champ boss' Slap attack buff: 10 -> 12 (Asc: 12 -> 14).
    • Champ boss' Slash attack buff: 15 -> 16 (Asc: 16 -> 18).
  • Weekly Patch 16: Back to Work
    • Champ has less randomness in his AI after enraging. Will use Metallicize less.
  • Weekly Patch 10: Quality of Life
    • We updated the animations for several monsters! Affected monsters include: The Champ
  • Weekly Patch 6: We're Back
    • Champ AI improvements. Minor heavy slash damage nerf. Should never gain Metallicize two turns in a row now.
  • Weekly Patch 4: Full speed ahead!
    • Multiple small changes to the Level 2 Boss, Champ.
  • Weekly Patch 1: The First of Many!
    • Time Eater and Champ now show which Powers get removed when they remove them.
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