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Template for calling the Relic template. Powered by Module:Relics. Data comes from Module:Relics/data and can be edited there.

Has 3 input fields: {{R|Relic Name|Text to override the name|Display Type}} Unde rmost circumstances. the syntax is simply {{R|Relic Name}}.

For example, {{R|Molten Egg}} will turn into MoltenEgg2.png Molten Egg.

Override the name of relics by inputting text in "Text to override the name", or the 2nd slot.

For example {{R|Snecko Eye|Worship me}} would return SneckoEye.png Worship me.

Create an icon by inputting "thumb" or "menu" in the "Display Type" field. The former is larger than the latter. Make sure to leave the middle section empty!.

For example {{R|Frozen Egg||thumb}} would return FrozenEgg2.png.

And {{R|Toxic Egg||menu}} would return ToxicEgg2.png.
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