Strength is a buff that increases damage dealt by Attacks.

Each point of Strength gives +1 damage per hit.

Both the player characters and many enemy types are capable of gaining Strength.

Strength is applied before other modifiers such as Vulnerable, Weak, Wrath, or Divinity.

It is possible to have negative stacks of strength. For every negative stack, damage dealt is reduced by one per hit.

Sources of Strength:

Update History[edit | edit source]

  • Weekly Patch 51: Recursion
    • Fixed issue where Jaxxed achievement was obtained when enemies gained 50 Strength.
    • Negative Strength power typo fix.
  • Weekly Patch 50: The Final Act
    • Red Skull relic's Strength gain is now correctly applied to the cards in your hand at start of combats.
  • Weekly Patch 48: Creative AI
    • Certain enemies no longer gain extra strength when removing Piercing Wail or Dark Shackles from themselves.
  • Weekly Patch 44: Chrysalis
    • Hotfix: BUG FIX: Red Skull relic now correctly loses bonus strength when healing above 50% HP.
  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Fixed issue where upgraded card from Warped Tongs wasn't showing the correct value if you had Strength/Dexterity.
  • Weekly Patch 22: Testing the Chird Character
    • Localization: Strength and Dexterity power can now properly utilize localized periods.
  • Weekly Patch 6: We're Back!
    • Corpse Explosion is now affected by Powers (Vulnerable, Strength, Pen Nib, etc)
  • Weekly Patch 2: Slimes!
    • Strength and Dexterity now cap at 999 and -999.
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