Spire Growth is a Monster fought in Act 3 of the Spire.

Constricted X: At the end of your turn, take X damage.

Pattern Edit

  • If the player is not Constricted:

50% chance of using Constrict, 50% chance of using Smash.

  • If the player is Constricted or if Constrict was used last turn:

50% chance of using Quick Tackle, 50% chance of using Smash.

  • In Ascension 17+, Spire Growth will use Constrict on its first turn. Spire Growth will also always use Constrict if the player is not Constricted and it has not used Constrict last turn.
  • Spire Growth cannot use either attack 3 times in a row.
Name Intent Effect Asc 2+ Asc 17+
Quick Tackle
Attack intent 4
Deal 16 damage. Deal 18 damage. Deal 18 damage.
Attack intent 5
Deal 22 damage. Deal 25 damage. Deal 25 damage.
Applies 10 Constricted. Applies 10 Constricted. Applies 12 Constricted.