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Snecko Eye is a Boss Relic.


Draw 2 additional cards each turn. Start each combat Confused.

  • Icon Confused.png Confused is a Debuff. Its effect is to randomize a card's cost whenever you draw the card. See the Confused page for full details.
    • Snecko Eye's Confused has high effect priority, triggering before ClockworkSouvenir.png Clockwork Souvenir's Icon Artifact.png Artifact, so it will never be blocked by the Artifact.
  • Cards' costs can only be randomized from 0 to 3.
    • If the Icon Confused.png Confused is removed by OrangePellets.png Orange Pellets, draws will no longer have their effects randomized, but any cards that were already randomized will keep their new cost for the rest of combat.
    • Placing a card into your hand with a card like Seek or Secret Weapon does not count as drawing, and will not randomize the cards' costs. This includes spawned cards such as Shiv and cards copied with Nightmare or Dual Wield.


  • Snecko Eye draws 2 extra cards every turn which provides enormous value to most decks on its own.
  • Each card drawn has a 25% chance of costing 0 which increases the value of drawing extra cards.
  • Every card's average energy cost is 1.5 with Snecko Eye. Consequently, cards costing 2 or more have better value than they normally do, and cards costing 1 or less have worse value than usual. However, many low cost cards are still valuable enough to take with Snecko Eye.
  • The possibility of drawing 0-cost cards greatly complicates the analysis of how Snecko Eye impacts your energy. Since you draw 7 cards per turn, you should expect to play 1.75 free cards per turn. The remaining cards have an average cost of 2 so you should expect to play 1.5 additional cards with 3 energy (for a total of 3.25 cards). If you only look at average energy cost (which is 1.5) you would expect to play only 2 cards with 3 energy which is incorrect.
  • Snecko Eye works especially well with GamblingChip.png Gambling Chip since Snecko Eye is likely to give you some high-cost/low-value cards which you can then discard and redraw.
  • Snecko Eye has a strong synergy with IceCream.png Ice Cream because Snecko Eye commonly forces you to end a turn with unplayed energy and Ice Cream will conserve it. You can also choose to ignore high-cost/low-value cards even if you do have enough energy to play them.
  • Snecko Eye is very strong with many cards; among them are Bullet Time, Nightmare , Meteor Strike and Bludgeon. These cards take advantage of Snecko Eye's randomized cost and draw in varying ways.
  • Snecko Eye doesn't affect "X" cards which can make them a bit more valuable as it provides a place to spend energy that Snecko Eye would otherwise waste.
  • Cards with variable energy cost (Masterful Stab, Blood for Blood, and Force Field) will have their costs replaced by randomized costs when drawn. Taking damage or playing powers will increase or decrease the card's cost only for as long as it is in your hand, as it will be randomized again the next time it is drawn.
  • Corruption overrides Snecko Eye's Confusion, making skills always cost 0.

Update History[]

  • Weekly Patch 49: The Designer
    • Minor Snecko Eye description fix.
  • Weekly Patch 47: Metamorphosis
    • Fix for a scenario which upgrading cards affected by Snecko Eye would sometimes give negative cost cards.
  • Weekly Patch 29: TURBO
    • We added special runs that you can play by entering specific seeds:
    • PRAISESNECK0 Will replace your starting relic with Snecko Eye.
  • Weekly Patch 11: A Library of Features
    • Enchiridion now works with Snecko Eye properly.
  • Weekly Patch 3: Balance Balance Balance
    • New boss relic: Snecko Eye.





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