Snecko Eye is a Boss Relic.

Effect Edit

  • Draw 2 additional cards each turn. Start each combat Confused.
  • Confused is a Debuff. Its effect is to randomize a card's cost whenever you draw the card.
    • Cards' costs can only be randomized from 0 to 3.
    • If the Confused debuff is removed by Orange Pellets, the randomized costs remain but are not randomized again on draw.
    • Placing a card into your hand with a card like Seek
      or Secret Weapon
      does not count as drawing, and will not randomize the cards' costs.

Tips Edit

  • When using Snecko Eye, you no longer need to pick cards with their costs in mind. A Bludgeon
    will have its cost randomized the same way a Slice
  • Snecko Eye has a strong synergy with Ice Cream, since you can avoid spending any Energy at all on turns where your energy cost rolls are low and save the energy for turns when your cards' costs are high.
  • Hovering Kite also works well with Snecko Eye; the Kite provides extra energy to play cards randomized to higher costs, while the Snecko Eye provides extra draw to fuel the Kite's discards and will usually result in at least a few cards too expensive to be played regardless.
  • Snecko Eye is very strong with many cards; among them are Bullet Time
    , Nightmare
    , Meteor Strike
    , and Bludgeon
    . These cards take advantage of Snecko Eye's randomized cost and draw to