Snecko is a normal encounter found in Act 2. Its usage of Confused combined with its ability to make the player Vulnerable may make it appear to be a strong encounter, but many higher-cost decks will benefit from the Confused and defeat the snecko easily. Lower cost decks, however, may have a more difficult time.

Pattern Edit

  1. Perplexing Glare
  2. 60% chance of using Bite, 40% chance of using Tail Whip.
  3. Repeat 2 until end of combat.

Snecko cannot use Bite 3 times in a row.

Name Intent Effect Asc 2+ Asc 17+
Perplexing Glare
Inflicts Confused. Inflicts Confused. Inflicts Confused.
Tail Whip Attack Intent 2 Deals 8 damage, applies 2 Vulnerable. Deals 10 damage, applies 2 Vulnerable. Deals 10 damage, applies 2 Vulnerable and 2 Weak.
Bite Attack intent 4 Deals 15 damage. Deals 18 damage. Deals 18 damage.

Tips Edit

  • Because Snecko inflicts Confused, higher cost decks(such as those using Perfected Strike
    ) will actually benefit from the debuff rather than suffer.
    • Decks that rely on low-cost cards can instead negate the Confused debuff with any source of Artifact.

Trivia Edit

  • The name 'Snecko' is a combination of the words 'Snake' and 'Gecko'.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Patch V1.1: The Dealer
    • WobblyLine VFX used in Snecko's glare is now larger and scales correctly with resolution.
  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Adding SFX for Snecko's glare.
    • Updating SFX for Confusion Power.
  • Weekly Patch 3: Balance Balance Balance
    • Snecko enemy buff.
  • Weekly Patch 1: The First of Many!
    • Snecko uses a Bite VFX when it bites now.
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