Malleable - On taking Attack damage, gains 3 Block. Block gain increases as Malleable is triggered. Resets to 3 at the start of your turn.

Pattern Edit

Has a 65% chance of using Chomp and a 35% chance of using Enfeebling Spores every turn. Cannot use Chomp three times in a row and cannot use Enfeebling Spores twice in a row.

In Ascension 17+, changes pattern to Chomp > Chomp > Enfeebling Spores after the first time Enfeebling Spores is used.

Name Intent Effect Asc 2+
Chomp Attack intent 5 Deals 7 x 3 damage. Deals 8 x 3 damage.
Enfeebling Spores Debuff2 Inflicts 2 Frail and 2 Weak. Inflicts 2 Frail and 2 Weak.

Tips Edit

  • Because of Snake Plant's ability to add an increasing amount of Block each time it is attacked per turn, it is recommended to use fewer, harder hitting attacks per turn (if possible). Attacks that hit multiple times will repeatedly trigger malleable but the Block is added all at once after the entire attack.