Silent cards are gained from Card Reward screens during games played with the Silent. They can also be gained from merchant shops and from the effects of events, relics, and other Silent cards. Silent cards come in three rarities: common, uncommon, and rare.

Name Picture Rarity Type Energy Description
A Thousand Cuts
Rare Power 2 Whenever you play a card, deal 1 (2) damage to all enemies
Uncommon Power 1 Shivs deal 3 (5) additional damage
Common Skill 1 Draw 3 (4) cards discard 1 cad
Rare Skill 1 Gain 1 (2) energy, draw 2 cards. Exhaust
After Image
Rare Power 1 (Innate)

Whenever you play a card, gain 1 block

All Out Attack
Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 10(14) damage to all enemis, draw 1 less card next turn
Common Skill 1 Gain 5(8) block, draw 2 cards
Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 12(16) damage. Innate. Exhaust.
Common Attack 1 Deal 7(10) damage, if the enemy is poison, deal 7(10) damage again
Common Attack 1 Deal 7(8) damage, heal 2(3) HP
Blade Dance
Uncommon Skill 1 Add 2 (3) Shivs to your hand
Uncommon Skill 1 Gain 5(8) block, block is not removed at the start of your next turn
Bouncing Flask
File:R bouncing-flask.png
Uncommon Skill 2 Apply 3 poison to a random enemy 3(4) times
Bullet Time
File:R bullet-time.png
Rare Skill 3(2) You cannot draw any cads this turn, green cards cost 0 this turn
File:R burst.png
Rare Skill 1 This turn your next 1(2) skill is played twice
Calculated Gamble
File:R calculated-gamble.png
Uncommon Skill 0

Discrd your hand then draw that many cards.


File:R caltrops.png
Uncommon Power 1 Whenever you are attacked deal 3(5) damage to the attacker
File:R catalyst.png
Uncommon Skill 1 Double (Triple) an enemy's poison. Exhaust
File:R choke.png
Uncommon Attack 2 Deal 12 damage, whenever you play a cards this turn targetd enemy loses 3(5) hp
Cloak And Dagger
File:R cloak-and-dagger.png
Common Skill 1 Gain 6 block, Add 1(2) shiv to your hand
File:R concentrate.png
Unommon Skill 0 Discard 3 (2) cards, gain 2 energy
Corpse Explosion
File:R corpse-explosion.png
Rare Attack 2 Enemy loses all poison. Deal damage equivalent to twice (3 times) the amount lost to all enemy
Crippling Poison
File:R crippling-poison.png
Uncommon Skill 2 Spply 3 (5) poison. Apply 3 (5) weak.
Dagger Spray
File:R dagger-spray.png
Common Attack 1 Deal 4(6) damage to all enemy twice
Dagger Throw
R dagger-throw
Common Attack 1 Deal 9(12) damage, draw 1 card, discard 1 card
File:R dash.png
Uncommon Attack 2 Gain 10(13) block, deal 10(13) damage
Deadly Poison
File:R deadly-poison.png
Common Skill 1 Apply 4(6) poison
File:R defend.png
Common Skill 1 Gain 5(8) block
File:R deflect.png
Common Skill 0 Gain 4(6) block
Die Die Die
File:R die-die-die.png
Rare Attack 1

Deal 13(17) damage to all enemy. 


File:R distraction.png
Uncommon Skill 1(0) Add a Random skill to your hand, it cost 0 this turn
Dodge and Roll
File:R dodge-and-roll.png
Common Skill 1 Gain 4(6) block, Next turn gain 4(6) block
File:R doppelganger.png
Rare Skill X Next Turn Draw X(+1) cards and gain X(+1) energy
Endless Agony
File:R endless-agony.png
Uncommon Attack 0 Whenever you draw this card add a copy to your hand.Deal 4 (6) damage. Exhaust
File:R envenom.png
Rare Power 2(1) Whenever an attack deals damage apply 1 poison.
Escape Plan
File:R escape-plan.png
Uncommon Skill 0 Draw a card.If the card is a skill gain 3(5) block
File:R eviscerate.png
Uncommon Attack 4 Cost 1 less for each discarder card this turn. Deal 6(8) damage three times.
File:R finisher.png
Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 6(8) damage for each attack play this turn
File:R flechettles.png
Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 4(6) damage for each skill in your hand
Flying Knee
File:R flying-knee.png
Common Attack 1 Deal 8(11) damage, Next Turn gain 1 energy
File:R footwork.png
Uncommon Power 1 Gain 2(3) dexterity
Glass Knife
File:R glass-knife.png
Rare Attack 1 Deal 8(12) damage twice.Glass Knife's damage is lowered by 2 this combat.
Grand Finale
File:R grand-finale.png
Rare Attack 1 Can only be played if there are no cards in your draw pile, deal 40 damage to all enemy.
Heel Hook
File:R heel-hook.png
Uncommon Attack 1 Deal 5(7) damage, if the enemy is weak gain 1 energy and draw a card.
Infinite Blades
File:R infinite-blades.png
Uncommon Power 1 (Innate)

At the start of your turn, add a shiv to your hands

Leg Sweep
File:R leg-sweep.png
Uncommon Skill 2 Apply 2(3) weak. Gain 12(15) block
File:R malaise.png
Uncommon Skill X Spend all energy. Enemy lose X (+1) strength, Apply X (+1) weak. Exhaust
Masterful Stab
File:R masterful-stab.png
Uncommon Attack 0 Can only be played if there are no other cards in your hand.Deal 15(20) damage
File:R neutralize.png
Common Attack 0 Deal 3 (4) damage. Apply 1 (2) weak
Noxious Fumes
File:R noxious-fumes.png
Uncommon Power 1 At the start of your turn apply 2 (3) poison to ALL enemy
File:R outmaneuver.png
Common Skill 1 Next turn gain 2 (3) energy
Phantasmal Killer
File:R phantasmal-killer.png
Rare Skill 2(1) On next turn, your attack damage is doubled
Piercing Veil
File:R piercing-wail.png
Common Skill 1 All enemy lose 6(8) strenght for 1 turn. Exhaust.
Poison Stab
File:R poisoned-stab.png
Common Attack 1 Deal 5(6) damage. Apply 3(4) poison.
File:R predator.png
Uncommon Attack 2 Deal 15(20) damage. Draw 2 more card nect turn
File:R prepared.png
Common Skill 0 Draw 1 (2) card(s), Discard 1(2) card(s).
Quick Slash
File:R quick-slash.png
Common Attack 1 Deal 8(12) damage. Draw 1 card
File:R reflex.png
Uncommon Skill Unplayable. If this card is discarded from your hand draw a card.
Riddle with Holes
File:R riddle-with-holes.png
Uncommon Attack 2 Deal 3(4) damage 5 times
File:R setup.png
Uncommon Skill 1 Place a card in your hand on top of your draw pile. It cost 0 until it is played
File:R skewer.png
Uncommon Attack X Spend all energy . Deal 7(10) damage X times.
File:R slice.png
Common Attack 0 Deal 5(8) damage
Storm of Steel
File:R storm-of-steel.png
Rare Skill 2 Discard your hand. Add 1 shiv to your hand for each cad discarded
File:R strike.png
Common Attack 1 Deal 6(9) damage
Sucker Punch
File:R sucker-punch.png
Common Attack 1 Deal 7(9) damage. Apply 1(2) weak
File:R survivor.png
Common Skill 1 Gain 8(11) block. Discard a card
File:R tactician.png
Rare Skill Unplayable. If this card is discarded from your hand gain 1 enegy
File:R terror.png
Uncommon Skill 1(0) Apply 99 vulnerable, Exhaust.
Tools of the Trade
File:R tools-of-the-trade.png
Rare Power 1(0) At the start of your turn draw a card and discard a card.
Underhanded Strike
File:R underhanded-strike.png
Common Attack Unplayable. If this card is discarded from your hand deal 7 damage to a random enemy.
File:R unload.png
Rare Attack 1 Deal 12(16) damage, discard ALL non attack card.
File:R venomology.png
Rare Power 1 Poison grows stronger by 1 (3) instead of lowering each turn.
Well Laid Plans
File:R well-laid-plans.png
Uncommon Skill 0 At the end of your turn, you can choose 1(2) card to retain in your hand
Wraith Form
File:R wraith-form.png
Rare Power 3 Whenever you play a skill, deal 3 (5) damage to a random enemy
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