"A deadly huntress from the foglands. Eradicates foes with daggers and poisons"

 The Silent is one of the two characters available in early access for Slay the Spire. She is themed on a rogue/thief fantasy build.  

 The Silent's starting relic is Ring of the Snake: Draw 2 additional Cards when starting combat. 

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Basic Cards (Default/Starting Deck)


Unlike the Ironclad, the Silent does not get any healing whenever she finishes combat. Therefore she is often more focused on Block, and gaining explosive advantage so that she can end the encounter faster. Many of her cards give additional energy and draw, allowing her to chain momentum together to overcome the lack of built-in healing.

General Build Archetypes

These are the standard types of decks that may give you an idea of direction for your deck, or what you want to go for. Keep in mind that none of these builds are mutually exclusive. Many of them are more of a general strategy, which can be adapted or combined into multiple builds in a single deck.

The Block Builds

The Poison Builds

  • Noxious Fumes: This Power, on its own, will gradually build up more and more poison until the enemy dies. It allows many builds to play much more defensively, and stall out fights with full-defense turns, as they are passively dealing more and more damage. Synergizes amazingly with Block Builds. However, this playstyle struggles with enemies that scale by buffing their own strength. Malaise is a great addition to a Fumes build.
  • Catalyst: If you're able to play Catalyst multiple times, you can exponentially increase Poison to ridiculous levels in a single turn. With Nightmare or Burst (or both), you get extra plays out of your Catalyst, which can quickly stack up hundreds of Poison. This build has incredible single-target damage, but very bad at damaging multiple targets (without The Specimen), and requires a decent supply of draw/energy. Recommended for boss fights, but generally not for typical combats.

The Discard Builds

  • Tingsha/Tough Bandages: Deal 3 damage / Gain 3 block when you discard. If you can get these relics, you can spam discard to fight for you. Prepared, Acrobatics, Survivor, Storm of Steel, Concentrate, etc. can all discard.
  • Tactician: Grants 1 (2) Energy when discarded. If your deck can reliably discard Tactician, then it has a steady supply of Energy, which makes most of your turns much more efficient. With a small enough deck, you can actually guarantee discarding Tactician multiple times, which can become Infinite.

The Momentum Builds

  • Unceasing Top: Whenever your hand is empty, draw 1 card. Allows you to play discard without fear of "running out of cards". If Concentrate is your last card, you get free energy by playing it and drawing. Deflect, Slice, and other 0-cost cards are much better, as they no longer lead to "dead hands". Unplayable cards, including Statuses & Curses, can completely ruin the build. Be careful.

The Shiv Builds

  • Infinite Shivs, Cloak and Dagger, Blade Dance: An absolute starter for the archetype. All add shivs to your hand. Amplified by strength cards and relics ( i.e. J.A.X., shuriken, kunai, ornamental fan).
  • Accuracy: Amplifies your shivs. The more, the better. Beware of The Awakened One.
  • Envenom: Apply poison after you shove shivs up your enemy's throat. Couple with Snecko's Skull relic for easy clears.
  • After Image: A couple of After Images give you great survivability due to card-spammy mechanics of this archetype.
  • Finisher: After unloading all your shivs, Finisher adds free damage.


Unlock Number Cards Unlocked
1st Bane, Catalyst, Corpse Explosion
2nd Cloak and Dagger, Accuracy, ???
3rd Underhanded Strike, Reflex, Tactician
4th Setup, Grand Finale, Concentrate
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