"A deadly huntress from the foglands. Eradicates foes with daggers and poisons"


 The Silent is one of three playable characters in Slay the Spire. She is themed on a rogue fantasy build.  

The Silent's starting Relic is Ring of the Snake: Draw 2 additional Cards when starting combat. 

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Basic Cards (Default/Starting Deck)


Unlike the Ironclad, the Silent does not get any healing whenever she finishes combat. Therefore she is often more focused on Icon Block Block, and gaining explosive advantage so that she can end the encounter faster. Many of her cards give additional Energy and card draw, allowing her to chain momentum together to overcome the lack of built-in healing.

Starting Deck

The Silent's starting deck is the largest of the 3 characters, at 12 cards, compared to Ironclad's and Defect's starting deck, both of which have 10 cards. This means more Strikes and Defends are encountered in Act 1, and it's slightly more difficult to remove all starting cards from The Silent's Deck.

The Silent's starting deck is also the cheapest, with it's 2 non-Strike non-Defend cards costing 1 and 0. This means it's easier to take strong 2-damage card options earlier in the game, such as Dash
, Predator
, and Leg Sweep

Starting Relic

The Silent's starting Relic, RingoftheSnake Ring of the Snake, ensures that the first turn of every fight is slightly stronger than all of the other turns. This makes Innate cards slightly better for Silent since they only take up 1 of 7 cards instead of 1 of 5 cards.

General Build Archetypes

These are the standard types of decks that may give you an idea of direction for your deck, or what you want to go for. Keep in mind that none of these builds are mutually exclusive. Many of them are more of a general strategy, which can be adapted or combined into multiple builds in a single deck

Defensive/Icon Block Block Builds

Block builds revolve around playing defensively. This means drafting a smaller deck than usual, and focusing on getting enough block to block all damage every turn. The combat is then stalled out until a decks win condition is met.

  • Footwork
    - The strongest card for this deck. This improves every block card by 2 for the rest of the combat. If you are drafting a defensive deck, you want as many copies of this as you are offered (although more than 4 is perhaps too many).
  • Dodge and Roll
    - very good block-to-energy ratio, and gets extra value when you know you will be attacked every turn.
  • Leg Sweep
    - a single card that provides multiple turns of Weak is always good value, and this is very good against Bosses and single-target Elites as well as some of the stronger single-target enemies like Transient and The Maw
  • - Basically a Defend
    Defend G
    + Shiv
    in one card. Decently strong on its own, and gets a lot better as the deck acquires additional Shiv synergies.
  • After Image
    - Very good block card with huge value throughout every combat. For 1 energy you get usually at least 4-5 block every turn for the rest of combat. Synergizes very well with card-generation cards and 0-energy cards.
  • Burst
    - a very strong card, as it basically doubles the block of your next block-card. Goes very good with the above block cards.
  • Blur
    - Blur is very good at stacking block. However, it's not as good as Ironclad's Barricade
    since it only lasts one turn. You need to use it wisely, or have a small enough deck, or have multiple copies of Blur if you want to keep stacking block enough.

Icon Poison Poison Builds

Poison Builds use poison stacks as their main source of damage. With the right cards, you can ramp up poison stacks on an enemy very quickly and kill them in 1-2 turns. However, the usual style of poison builds slowly ramp up stacks over time and whittle the enemy down over many turns.

  • Noxious Fumes
    : This Power, on its own, will gradually build up more and more poison until the enemy dies. It allows many builds to play much more defensively, and stall out fights with full-defense turns, as they are passively dealing more and more damage. Synergizes amazingly with Block Builds. However, this playstyle struggles with enemies that scale by buffing their own strength. Malaise
    is a great addition to a Fumes build.
  • Poisoned Stab
    : A decent damage source on its own, this becomes better when you have a poison deck and can reliably stack poison.
  • Catalyst
    : If you're able to play Catalyst multiple times, you can exponentially increase Icon Poison Poison to ridiculous levels in a single turn. With Nightmare
    or Burst
    (or both), you get extra plays out of your Catalyst
    , which can quickly stack up hundreds of Icon Poison Poison. This build has incredible single-target damage, but very bad at damaging multiple targets (without The Specimen), and requires a decent supply of draw/energy. Very good for all single-target encounters, and becomes worse the more enemies there are.
  • Average Poison cards: most of these cards are not that great on their own, and only become stronger if you already have a poison deck built around them.
  • Envenom
    - A very strong card, this adds poision onto all of your attack cards. Works extremely well if you are able to play many attack cards in a turn, so it synergizes well with multi-card attacks likeEndless Agony
    , and pretty much allShiv
    -generating cards.
  • Corpse Explosion
    - Very good AOE damage and allows the poison deck to kill multiple enemies at once.

SnakeSkull Snecko Skull

- Extremely strong for poison decks, this simply just gives more poison to your existing poison cards. You get the best value from this using poison sources that give small stacks of poision at a time: namely, Noxious Fumes
and Envenom

TheSpecimen The Specimen - gives poison decks much-needed AOE damage. This is a must-have if you encounter this relic after you have committed to making a poison deck.

Discard/Draw Builds

This build aims to cycle through your deck quickly to find the key cards needed to finish the fight.

  • Tingsha/Tough Bandages: Deal 3 damage / Gain 3 block when you discard. If you can get these relics, you can spam discard to fight for you.
  • Eviscerate
  • Tactician
    : Grants 1 (2) Energy when discarded. If your deck can reliably discard Tactician
    , then it has a steady supply of Energy, which makes most of your turns much more efficient. With a small enough deck, you can actually guarantee discarding Tactician
    multiple times, which can become Infinite.
  • Reflex
    : Draw 1 (2) card when you discard. Fully upgraded Reflex
    combine with Prepared
    , upgraded Calculated Gamble
    and small deck, you can infinite your deck and 1-turn kill any enemy. Few Neutralize
    + Heel Hook
    , Sneaky Strike
    , and Eviscerate
    cards could provide enough damage. Backflip
    is also acceptable source of defense and Escape Plan
    is even better.

Momentum/Value/Ramp Builds

  • Unceasing Top: Whenever your hand is empty, draw 1 card. Allows you to play discard without fear of "running out of cards". If Concentrate
    is your last card, you get free energy by playing it and drawing. Deflect, Slice, and other 0-cost cards are much better, as they no longer lead to "dead hands". Unplayable cards, including Statuses & Curses, can completely ruin the build. Be careful.

Shiv Builds

A primarily damage-focused build that revolves around gaining and using many Shivs during each combat. The Silent also has a few Relics that are specifically for enhancing Shivs.

Grand Finale
Grand Finale is a combo deck, and requires most or all of the deck to be built around it to work. Also there are a few cards needed specifically to make it work.
  • Well-Laid Plans
    - this card is essential for the deck to work, as it ensures that you have Grand Finale in your hand when your draw pile is empty.
  • Expertise
    - Having Expertise in your hand as you approach the end of your draw pile ensures that you can draw exactly the right amount of cards to put your draw pile at 0.
  • Having cards that can draw different amount of cards will also help you get your draw pile to 0:


Unlock Number Prizes Unlocked
1st Bane
, Catalyst
, Corpse Explosion
2nd Du-Vu Doll, Smiling Mask, Tiny Chest
3rd Accuracy
, Storm of Steel
4th Art of War, The Courier, Pandora's Box
5th Concentrate
, Setup
, Grand Finale


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