The Sentry is a Monster found on the first level of the Spire as an Elite enemy, and found on the second level in a normal encounter with a Spheric Guardian. Its moderate damage and aggressive Status-flooding make them dangerous in a group of 3 on the first level.

Name Intent Power Other
Aggressive Dagger 8 -
Strategic Debuff/Atk - Shuffles 2 Dazed to the discard pile.


  1. PICK:
    • 66%: Aggressive:
      • Were the last two actions Attack 8?
        • NO: Attack 8;
        • YES: Daze.
    • 34%: Debuff:
      • Was the last action a Debuff?
        • NO: 2 Daze;
        • YES: Attack 8.
  2. Repeat 1.

In English: It's more likely to attack than Debuff, but it's not allowed to attack 3 times in a row or Debuff twice in a row.


  • The fact that it cannot Debuff twice in a row or attack thrice in a row can be abused, most easily when there's only one of them.
  • The easiest time against the 3x Sentry fight will be in the beginning, before the Discard pile is ever shuffled into the deck. Larger decks may end up drawing more useful cards than Dazed, but will also take longer to draw (and so Exhaust) the Statuses.
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