Event - Sensory Stone

[Recall] Add 1 Colorless Card to your deck.

[Recall] Add 2 Colorless Cards to your deck, take 5 damage.

[Recall] Add 3 Colorless Cards to your deck, take 10 damage.

Each choice is treated like a typical card reward for combat; you pick from 3 possible colorless cards (4 with Question Card), or you can Skip (or gain +2 Max HP with Singing Bowl)

When completing this event, you 'recall' memories regarding what appears to be the past of the various characters. It's possible that the first time you experience this event with each character, you'll see the memory relating to that character. Or it may be linked to which card you picked. Or any other number of reasons.

The Silent: You 'recall' a memory which may be linked to the Nemesis elite. Triumph.

The Ironclad: You 'recall' a memory of the demonic encounter that gave you your powers. Fear.

The Defect: You 'recall' your reawakening at the bottom of the Spire. Confusion.

It's possible that the Silent's tribe is the same one in the Ironclad's memory "Fear".

These memories also appear to be linked to the Wraith Form and Demon Form powers respectively

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Adding ambient SFX for Sensory Stone event.
  • Weekly Patch 29: TURBO
    • Fix grammar issue in Sensory Stone event.
  • Weekly Patch 27: Hello World
    • Additional lore in the Sensory Stone event.
    • Egg relics now show pre-upgraded cards for Sensory Stone event's choices.
  • Weekly Patch 21: Channel Lightning
    • Sensory Stone event wording fix.
  • Weekly Patch 20: Immolate
    • Wording fixes in Sensory Stone event.
  • Weekly Patch 19: Seed
    • Grammar improvements for Sensory Stone event.
  • Weekly Patch 18: Paranormal
    • Hotfix: Fixed issue where Sensory Stone event may give you colored cards.
    • New Event (Beyond): Sensory Stone.
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