You are rated a score at the end of your run. Your score helps you progress the game, and is used to determine your place on the daily challenge leaderboards.

The table below is additive scoring (for each action performed).

Name Description Score
Floors Climbed Number of the Floor you reached (including the narrative Floor 51) 5 per floor
Enemies Killed For each normal encounter defeated 2 per enemy
Exordium Elites Killed For each killed Elite in the Exordium 10 per Elite
City Elites Killed For each killed Elite in the City 20 per Elite
Beyond Elites Killed For each killed Elite in the Beyond 30 per Elite
Bosses Slain For each defeated Boss 50+* per Boss
Ascension 5% score per Ascension level 5%** per level
Champion Defeat an Elite without taking damage. 25 per Elite
Perfect Defeat a Boss without taking damage. 50 per Boss
Beyond Perfect Defeat 3 bosses without taking damage (overrides Perfect). 200
Heartbreaker Defeat the Heart. 250
Collector Have 4 copies of any non-starter card. 25 per set
Librarian Deck size greater than 35 cards. 25
Encyclopedian Deck size greater than 50 cards (overrides Librarian). 50
Overkill Deal 99 damage with a single attack. 25
Mystery machine Traveled to 15+ ? rooms. 25
I Like Shiny Have 25 or more relics. 50
Well Fed Increased your Max HP by 15 or more. 25
Stuffed Increased your Max HP by 30 or more (overrides Well Fed). 50
Money Money Accrued 1,000 or more gold. 25
Raining Money Accrued 2,000 or more gold (overrides Money Money). 50
I Like Gold Accrued 3,000 or more gold (overrides Money Money and Raining Money). 75
C-c-c-combo Play 20 cards in a single turn. 25
Pauper Have 0 rare cards. 50
Speedster Victory in under 60 minutes. 25
Light Speed Victory in under 45 minutes (overrides Speedster). 50
Curses! Your deck contains 5 curses. 100
Highlander Your deck contains no duplicates (excluding starter cards). 100
On My Own Terms Killed yourself. 50
Poopy Received the SpiritPoop.png Spirit Poop. (-1)

* The bonus increases by 50 for each boss defeated, so the first is worth 50 points, the second 100 points, and so on.

** The Ascension score multiplier only applies to the score from the following bonuses: Floors Climbed, Enemies Killed, Elites Killed, Bosses Slain, Champion, Perfect, Beyond Perfect, Overkill, and C-c-c-combo.

Patch 9 added Ascension mode. Ascension Mode adds a 5% score bonus per Ascended level. Note that Ascension mode has to be unlocked by beating the game with a character.

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