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Icon Retain.png Retain is a keyword that allows you to keep cards in your hand after the end of turn. Some cards have the Icon Retain.png Retain keyword built in to the card, which lets you keep that card at the end of turn.

Cards with Ethereal still exhaust at the end of your turn even if you attempt to Icon Retain.png Retain them.


These following cards have Retain built into them:

These following cards can be used to Retain other cards:

  • Well-Laid Plans: At the end of your turn, choose 1(2) cards on your hand to Retain.
  • Equilibrium: Gain Icon Block.png Block and Retain what was left on your hand at the end of your turn.
  • Meditate: Retain 1(2) cards from your discard pile, enter Calm then immediately end your turn.

This following card interacts with Retained cards:


  • Despite RunicPyramid.png Runic Pyramid having an effect similar to Retain, it does not Retain your hand, but merely prevents you from discarding your hand at the end of your turn.