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Rest Sites are one of the Map Locations, and are a major part of the strategy on each Act.

By default, rest sites only offer a choice between Rest and Smith. More options can be added by specific Relics. Only one option can be chosen at each rest site.

There will always be a rest site immediately before the Boss, regardless of what path you chose. The only exception to this rule is Act 4, where the rest site is the first room in the Act.


Icon Description Note
Rest: Heal for 30% of your max HP.
Smith: Upgrade 1 card of your choice.
Lift: Permanently gain 1 Icon Strength.png Strength.
  • Requires Girya.png Girya.
  • Maximum of 3 uses per run.
Toke: Remove 1 card from your deck.
Dig: Obtain a random Relic.
Recall: Obtain the Ruby Key.
  • Available in normal runs when Act 4 is unlocked.
  • Maximum of 1 use per run.


  • AncientTeaSet.png Ancient Tea Set: Whenever you enter a Rest Site, start the next combat with 2 Energy.
  • CoffeeDripper.png Coffee Dripper: You can no longer Sleep.png Rest at Rest Sites.
  • DreamCatcher.png Dream Catcher: Whenever you Sleep.png Rest, get a random card reward choice.
  • EternalFeather.png Eternal Feather: Upon entering a Rest site, heal for 3 HP per 5 cards in your deck, rounded down.
  • FusionHammer.png Fusion Hammer: You can no longer Smith.png Smith at Rest Sites.
  • Girya.png Girya: Adds the Train.png Lift option to gain a permanent 1 Icon Strength.png Strength, up to 3 times per run.
  • PeacePipe.png Peace Pipe: Adds the Toke.png Toke option to remove a card of your choice from your deck.
  • RegalPillow.png Regal Pillow: Increases the heal from Sleep.png Rest by 15 HP.
  • Shovel.png Shovel: Adds the Dig.png Dig option to obtain a random Relic.
  • If you have 2 out these 3 relics: Shovel.png Shovel,PeacePipe.png Peace Pipe andGirya.png Girya, the third one will not spawn.


Update History[]

  • Patch V1.1: The Dealer
    • Campfire sleep VFX is now slightly darker.
    • Defect gets a glow-version asset at Rest Site like Ironclad/Silent.
    • Fixed crash when pressing down on controller on 3rd option at Rest Site if you have 4 options.
    • Fixed issue where Rest Site option text wasn't placed correctly (scaling).
    • Fixed lingering campfire sounds from rest sites.
    • Rest Site options' rest option info text now uses localized period character.
  • Weekly Patch 54: Loop
    • Improved controller navigation of Rest Site options when there are 5 options.
    • Recall option now appears in Run History screens when hovering a rest site room node.
  • Weekly Patch 38: Bane
    • Fixed an instance where you couldn't proceed if all rest site options were unavailable.
    • Compressing campfire option assets
  • Weekly Patch 30: Skewer
    • Added hover outlines for Rest Site options.
  • Weekly Patch 12: Lunar New Year
    • Fast Mode is faster. Card movement, resting at campfires, events, etc are faster.
    • Fixed issue where Abandoning at a Rest Site kept the fire ambient sounds playing forever.
  • Weekly Patch 10: Quality of Life
    • The rest site background images have been updated! Additionally, they are themed for each area.
  • Weekly Patch 8: Ooh Shiny!
    • Wording: Campfire -> Rest Site for Girya and Peace Pipe.
  • Day 1 Patch
    • Toking at a campfire is now cancellable like Smithing.