Reptomancer is an elite encounter fought in Act 3. Its ability to summon Daggers quickly (especially on high Ascension levels) make it a formidable opponent. Attacks that affect more than one enemy are key to defeating the Reptomancer.

Pattern Edit

1- Summon

2+- 33% chance to use any of her 3 moves. If more than 2 Daggers are present, 67% chance of using Snake Strike and 33% chance of using Big Bite.

  • Cannot use Snake Strike twice in a row, cannot use Big Bite twice in a row, and cannot use Summon 3 times in a row.
  • Maximum of 4 Daggers.
Name Intent Effect Asc 3+ Asc 18+
Intent - Unknown
Summons a Dagger. Summons a Dagger. Summons 2 Daggers.
Snake Strike
Intent - Attack Debuff
Deals 13 x 2 damage and applies 1 Weak. Deals 16 x 2 damage and applies 1 Weak. Deals 16 x 2 damage and applies 1 Weak.
Big Bite
Intent - Attack - Sickle
Deals 30 damage. Deals 34 damage. Deals 34 damage.

Dagger Edit

Pattern Edit

1- Stab

2- Explode

Dagger is not buffed at all in any Ascension stages.

Name Intent Effect
Intent - Attack Debuff
Deal 9 damage and shuffle 1 Wound
into the discard pile.
Intent Attack 6
Deal 25 damage. Dagger instantly dies after this attack.