Reprogram is an Uncommon Skill for The Defect that sends many cards directly to the discard pile while refining next turn's draws. Upgrading Reprogram increases the number of cards you look at from 4 to 6.

(BETA): Lose 2 Focus. Gain 1 Strength. Gain 1 Dexterity. Cost changed from 0 to 2 (1 when upgraded).


Reprogram is in itself quite weak - it has no effect the turn you play it, making it a source of card disadvantage. It should not be picked unless its effect synergizes with your deck.

Playing Reprogram introduces a decision of which cards to play and which to discard. Don't impulsively discard all of the cards - think of how many turns remain in your deck.

If your deck includes All for One, try to make your deck have a number of cards divisible by 5, so you don't reshuffle if All for One is at the bottom of the deck.


Reprogram is the ultimate enabler for All for One - it sends up to six relevant cards to the discard pile, draws you closer to All for One, then comes back after you play All for One to bring you closer to shuffling.

The card is also strong with a Hologram or card-draw effect, allowing you to dig through the top few cards of your deck to find the perfect play.

Reprogram enables shuffle-counting effects like Sundial, especially with a small deck.

This card works well with stack, increasing the amount of cards in the discard pile, and hence the block created by stack.

Update History

  • Weekly Patch 31: Custom Mode
    • Optional UPGRADE_DESCRIPTION added for Pummel, Heavy Blade, Offering, and Reprogram
  • Weekly Patch 27: Hello World
    • This week adds the long anticipated third character into the game!
    • A new character with unique mechanics, keywords, and art.
    • Content: 75 Cards.
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