Relics are permanent items that provide a passive bonus for the rest of the run. Most relics are available to all characters, with some exceptions (indicated in the Rarity column).

Starter Relics are granted upon starting a run with the corresponding character.

Common, Uncommon, and Rare Relics can be found from a variety of sources.

Boss Relics can only be found from Bosses (or in Neow's starting choice, traded for Starter Relic).

Event Relics can only be found from specific event outcomes.

A detailed table with every relic can be found by clicking this sentence.


Starter Edit

Characters can start with these relics.

Burning BloodCracked CoreRing of the Snake


Weak relics that are found commonly.

Anchor Ancient Tea Set Art of War Bag of Marbles Bag of Preparation Blood Vial Bronze Scales Centennial Puzzle Data Disk Dream Catcher

Happy Flower Juzu Bracelet Lantern Maw Bank Oddly Smooth Stone Omamori Orichalcum Pen Nib Potion Belt Preserved Insect

Red Skull Regal Pillow Smiling Mask Snecko Skull Strawberry The Boot Tiny Chest Vajra War Paint Whetstone


Stronger relics which appear less often than common relics.

Blue Candle Bottled Flame Bottled Lightning Bottled Tornado Darkstone Periapt Frozen Egg Gold-Plated Cables Gremlin Horn Kunai Letter Opener

Matryoshka Meat on the Bone Mercury Hourglass Molten Egg Mummified Hand Ninja Scroll Ornamental Fan Pantograph Paper Krane Paper Phrog

Pear Question Card Runic Dodecahedron Self-Forming Clay Shuriken Singing Bowl Sundial Symbiotic Virus Courier Toxic Egg


Unique and powerful relics which are rarely seen.

Bird-Faced Urn Calipers Champion Belt Charon's Ashes Dead Branch Du-Vu Doll Emotion Chip Fossilized Helix Gambling Chip Ginger

Girya Ice Cream Incense Burner Magic Flower Mango Nunchaku Old Coin Peace Pipe Pocketwatch Prayer Wheel

Shovel Stone Calendar The Specimen Thread and Needle Tingsha Torii Tough Bandages Turnip Unceasing Top Wing Boots


Relics found only within Boss chests.

Astrolabe Black Blood Black Star Busted Crown Calling Bell Coffee Dripper Cursed Key Ectoplasm Empty Cage Eternal Feather

Frozen Core Fusion Hammer Hovering Kite Inserter Lizard Tail Mark of Pain Nuclear Battery Orrery Pandora's Box Philosopher's Stone

Ring of the Serpent Runic Cube Runic Dome Runic Pyramid Snecko Eye Sozu Tiny House Velvet Choker White Beast Statue Wrist Blade


Relics which can only be obtained through events.

Bloody Idol Cultist Headpiece Enchiridion Face of Cleric Golden Idol Gremlin Visage Mark of the Bloom Mutagenic Strength N'loth's Gift N'loth's Hungry Face

Necronomicon Neow's Lament Nilry's Codex Odd Mushroom Red Mask Spirit Poop Serpent Head Warped Tongs


Relics which can only be purchased from the Merchant.

Brimstone Cauldron Chemical X Clockwork Souvenir Dolly's Mirror Frozen Eye Hand Drill Lee's Waffle Meal Ticket Medical Kit

Membership Card Orange Pellets Prismatic Shard Runic Capacitor Sling of Courage Strange Spoon Abacus Toolbox Toy Ornithopter Twisted Funnel


Relic which only appears if you have every other relic in a relic pool. You can have more than one. It is not listed in the in-game Compendium and has no effects.


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