Rebound is an Attack card for The Defect that combines good damage with a unique deck-manipulating effect. As a common card, Rebound is often offered as a post-battle reward and can be purchased inexpensively from The Merchant.

Upgrading Rebound increases its damage from 9 to 12.

Strategy Edit

  • It's easy to accidentally draw the Rebounded card with zero energy left, or to Rebound the wrong card. Carefully sequence the turn, anticipating next turn's draws and enemy Intents, to squeeze the most power out of Rebound's unique effect.
  • Take special care to consider your enemies' attack sequences. You don't want to draw a fifth attack card when you really need to Block, or a defensive card if the enemy is Vulnerable.
  • If you just want to play Rebound for damage and don't need to place any cards on your deck, simply make it your final play before ending your turn.
  • Upgrading Rebound marginally increases its power level and is not recommended.
  • Rebound's effect speeds up the progression of Streamline
    and Claw
    , and can help combine Amplify
    with a Power card. It techs against Status-heavy foes like Chosen and Book of Stabbing by guaranteeing at least one good draw in the following turn. It also interacts well with Chaos
    and Rainbow+ to rapidly fill your orb slots.
  • Cards that are consumed when played, such as Power cards, cards with Exhaust, and cards duplicated by Echo Form
    are not placed on top of your deck by Rebound, but they will consume the Rebound effect.
  • It is possible to get two copies of the Rebound effect by playing it with an active Echo Form
    . This will cause the following two cards to be Rebounded, and both stacks will wear off at the end of the turn.
  • The Rebounded card is placed onto the draw pile before its effect resolves, so cards like Skim
    will immediately draw themselves. This is particularly strong with FTL
    , which lays down 18 damage and draws a card for just one Energy. Avoid following Rebound with Scrape
    , which will immediately discard itself.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 51: Recursion
    • Rebound card no longer puts Burns on top of your deck.
  • Weekly Patch 34: Malaise
    • Rebound card buff: Damage 8 -> 9. Upgraded 11 -> 12.
  • Weekly Patch 23: Testing Continues...
    • Adding placeholder art for Blizzard, Doom and Gloom, Go For The Eyes, Rebound, and Streamline.
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