Prismatic shard is a relic you can obtain only from a shop, which lets combat reward screens contain colorless cards and cards from other characters.

Note that if you are playing a character that is not The Defect and you obtain a Defect card that channels an orb, your character will obtain one orb slot upon usage of said card.


The sprite for this relic is based on a dispersive prism, which breaks up light into the colors of the rainbow, hence this relic giving you cards of different colors. Its name is likely a reference to an item of the same name in Stardew Valley.

Update History

  • Slay the Spire 1.0: Farewell Early Access
    • Fixed issue where Prismatic Shard can return cards which were not yet unlocked.
  • Weekly Patch 56: The Collector
    • Fixed issue where card rewards via Prismatic Shard could contain duplicates.
  • Weekly Patch 54: Loop
    • Potential fix for Prismatic Shard returning duplicate cards on rare occasions.
  • Weekly Patch 52: Release Date Price Increase
    • Duplicate cards will no longer appear on reward screens with Prismatic Shard.
  • Weekly Patch 47: Metamorphosis
    • Prismatic Shard now sets your max orbs to 1 only if you have 0 max orbs and you aren't the Defect.
  • Weekly Patch 43: Discovery
    • Prismatic Shard now gives 1 empty orb slot to non-Defect characters.
    • Prismatic Shard relic no longer spawns when the Diverse daily is activated.
  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Updating anti-dupe logic for card rewards for Prismatic Shard relic.
  • Weekly Patch 41: Chill
    • New Shop Relic: Prismatic Shard.
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