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Pride is a Curse which has three effects:

  • Innate: It always starts in your first hand of the combat.
  • On play (1 Energy): Exhaust it.
  • At end of turn, if it's still in your hand: Add another copy of it to the top of your Draw Pile.

Therefore, if you choose to spend 1 energy to Exhaust Pride, it will be removed. If you choose not to Exhaust it, it will create another copy.


Internally, Pride has "Special" rarity, meaning it cannot be obtained the same way other Curses are obtained.

Pride can only be obtained from the Trophy.png Grotesque Trophy Blight, which is only available when playing an Endless run in Custom Mode.

Updating History[]

  • Weekly Patch 31: Custom Mode
    • Pride curse will no longer appear from Calling Bell and a few other sources.
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