Prepared is a Common Skill for The Silent that offers a straightforward and economical way to discard cards. Upgrading Prepared increases the number of cards drawn and discarded from 1 to 2.

Strategy Edit

Prepared is a low-risk pick. Although it causes card disadvantage, nearly every hand will have at least one irrelevant card to trade in, effectively recovering the card disadvantage.

The card should be upgraded as soon as possible. The additional draw lets you see more cards and assemble stronger plays, and the additional discard enables cards like Eviscerate and Tactician more effectively.

Synergies Edit

Prepared is a key component of any discard deck - it draws you closer to the relevant cards, enables them, and lets you discard cards at will, all while leaving your entire Energy reserve available.

Prepared is especially strong with Tactician, Reflex, Sneaky Strike, and Eviscerate, efficiently drawing and enabling them in one move.

Trivia Edit

The card art shows the same bag from Bag of Preparation.

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