Potions are one-time-use items that can only be used in combat(with the exception of Fruit Juice, which can be used in most scenarios). The player can typically hold up to 3 of them at any given time, or 5 with the Potion Belt relic. However, on ascension levels 11 and higher, the player only has 2 potion slots, or 4 with the Potion Belt.

Using a potion does not require Energy.

Potions are occasionally dropped as a reward after combat. They can also be bought at Merchants or obtained from some Events. Neow also offers 3 random potions as a starting blessing.

Icon Name Rarity Effect
Ancient Potion Uncommon Gain 1 Icon Artifact Artifact.
Attack Potion Common Add 1 of 3 random Attack cards to your hand, it costs 0 this turn.
Block Potion Common Gain 12 Icon Block Block.
Blood Potion (Ironclad only) Uncommon Heal for 25% of your Max HP.
Dexterity Potion Common Gain 2 Icon Dexterity Dexterity.
Energy Potion Common Gain 2 Energy.
Entropic Brew Rare Fill all your empty potion slots with random potions.
Essence of Steel Uncommon Gain 4 Icon PlatedArmor Plated Armor.
Explosive Potion Common Deal 10 Damage to all enemies.
Fairy in a Bottle Rare When you would die, heal to 10% of your Max HP instead and discard this potion.
Fear Potion Common Apply 3 Icon Vulnerable Vulnerable.
Fire Potion Common Deal 20 Damage to target enemy.
Focus Potion

(Defect only)

Uncommon Gain 2 Icon Focus Focus.
Fruit Juice Rare Gain 5 Max HP.
Gambler's Brew Uncommon Discard any number of cards, then draw that many.
Ghost In A Jar (Silent only) Uncommon Gain 1 Icon Intangible Intangible.
Liquid Bronze Uncommon Gain 3 Icon Thorns Thorns.
Poison Potion Common Apply 6 Icon Poison Poison to target enemy.
Power Potion Common Add 1 of 3 random Power cards to your hand, it costs 0 this turn.
Regen Potion Uncommon Gain 5 Regeneration.
Skill Potion Common Add 1 of 3 random Skill cards to your hand, it costs 0 this turn.
Smoke Bomb Rare Escape from a non-boss combat. Receive no rewards.
Snecko Oil Rare Become Icon Confused Confused. Draw 3 Cards.
Speed Potion Common Gain 5 Icon Dexterity Dexterity. At the end of your turn, lose 5 Icon Dexterity Dexterity.
Flex Potion Common Gain 5 Icon Strength Strength. At the end of your turn, lose 5 Icon Strength Strength.
Strength Potion Common Gain 2 Icon Strength Strength.
Swift Potion Common Draw 3 cards.
Weak Potion Common Apply 3 Icon Weak Weak to target enemy.

Update History

  • Patch V1.1: The Dealer
    • While the potion popup is open, the potion's tip is now displayed.
    • Blood Potion buffed to heal 10% -> 25%.
    • Potion menu is way bigger now (easier to click on for mouse/touchscreen).
    • Top panel gold icon, health icon, potion slots, and modifiers now scale up when hovered.
    • Fixing some grammar and typos in Potion popup text.
    • Tips for potions now show up when hovered in Reward screens and Shops (not just in the Potion panel after acquisition).
    • Fixed issue where up/down on controller in potion drink/discard also navigated to monsters/cards during combat.
    • Knowing Skull event can no longer give you a potion if you have the Sozu relic.
  • Weekly Patch 54: Loop
    • Fixed issue where Blood Potion wouldn't heal the player if used immediately after combat.
    • Fixed issue where Entropic Brew did not give players potions if used post-combat.
    • Fixed issue where potion seeds weren't persistent on save/load.
    • Fixed issue where Toy Ornithopter relic wouldn't trigger outside of combat.
  • Weekly Patch 52: Release Date Price Increase
    • Fixed issue that allowed player to throw Smoke Bomb in some rooms to no effect.
  • Weekly Patch 51: Recursion
    • Muzzle blight was applying twice to Lizard Tail and Fairy Potion.
    • Throwing a Smoke Bomb at the Final Act boss no longer crashes the game.
  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Adding card, potion, relic, and heart icons that can appear in tips now. Used on Run History screen.
  • Weekly Patch 41: Chill
    • Fixed Smoke Bomb and Colosseum bug that caused the player to go invisible.
  • Weekly Patch 40: Forethought
    • Removed two outdated tips about potions.
  • Weekly Patch 39: We Meet Again!
    • Potion throw targeting is no longer cancelled via click (you can still drag away or right click to cancel).
  • Weekly Patch 38: Bane
    • We Meet Again event no longer allows the player to drink or discard the potion.
    • You can now drink Fruit Juice in more locations. (FRUIT JUICE REVOLUTION)
  • Weekly Patch 37
    • Neow's Potion option now opens a reward screen with three potions.
  • Weekly Patch 36: Power Through
    • Fixed bug where We Meet Again potion removal didn't apply for the left most slot.
  • Weekly Patch 35: Aggregate
    • Attack, Skill, and Power potions now allow you to choose 1 of 3 cards (buff).
    • Updated Smoke Bomb's use text from Drink -> Throw.
    • Fixed issue where potion targeting failed if the left most enemy was dead (controller only)
    • Smoke Bomb now disables the end turn button so that enemies cannot attack you as you flee.
    • Smoke Bombs no longer trigger Come at Me achievement.
  • Weekly Patch 34: Malaise
    • Snecko Oil potion buffed. Draw 2 -> 3 cards.
    • Fixed Save and Quit Smoke Bomb exploit.
    • Using a Smoke Bomb no longer gives the Champion score bonus.
  • Weekly Patch 32: Face Trader
    • Fixed Fairy Potion and Lizard Tail not triggering with Muzzle blight.
  • Weekly Patch 29: TURBO
    • Fixed issue where Fairy Potion wouldn't heal you if max HP was less than 10.
    • Smoke Bombs now work when fighting monsters in ? rooms.
    • Viewing potions during Discard/Draw Pile view no longer scrolls oddly.
  • Weekly Patch 28: The Ritual
    • Ascension 11 modifier changed. Instead of weakening potions, the player starts with 1 less potion slot.
  • Weekly Patch 26: Controller Support Testing
    • Entropic Potion now works properly with Potion Belt as intended.
  • Weekly Patch 25: Building Blocks
    • Regen potion gets an overhaul. It now acts like Poison, but heals.
    • Fruit Juice can now be used outside of combat.
    • Fruit Juice will no longer spawn from Alchemize.
    • Entropic Brew can no longer spawn Fruit Juice.
    • Entropic Brew now spawns potions similarly to Alchemize now (considers rarity).
    • Entropic Brew now always gives you potions equal to your potion slot count.
    • Smoke Potion can no longer be incorrectly used outside of combat. (Can still be discarded)
    • Snecko Oil wording fix for high ascension levels.
    • Gambler's Brew (Potion) gets an updated color/shape.
    • Dexterity Potion shape updated to match Strength Potion.
  • Weekly Patch 24: Potions?!
    • 16 new potions were added and there are now different rarities for potions! We still have a few more goodies coming for potions in a later patch.
    • New Daily Mod: Brewmaster
    • Potion prices are now based on rarity (Common: 50, Uncommon: 75, Rare: 100)
    • Potions can now be character specific.
    • Potions now have rarity: Common, Uncommon, and Rare.
    • New Common Potion: Attack Potion.
    • New Common Potion: Fear Potion.
    • New Common Potion: Power Potion.
    • New Common Potion: Skill Potion.
    • New Common Potion: Speed Potion.
    • New Common Potion: Steroid Potion.
    • New Rare Potion: Entropic Brew.
    • New Rare Potion: Fairy in a Bottle.
    • New Rare Potion: Fruit Juice.
    • New Rare Potion: Smoke Bomb.
    • New Rare Potion: Snecko Oil.
    • New Uncommon Potion: Blood Potion (Ironclad Only)
    • New Uncommon Potion: Essence of Steel.
    • New Uncommon Potion: Gamblers Brew.
    • New Uncommon Potion: Ghost in a Jar (Silent Only)
    • New Uncommon Potion: Liquid Bronze.
    • Lowered Potion positions by 2px from top.
    • Updated coloring and image for many potions.
    • You can now discard potions during combat.
    • All potions that were in the game before this patch are Common.
    • Except Regen and Ancient potion, which are now Uncommon.
  • Weekly Patch 16: Back to Work
    • Relics and Potions in the shop now correctly set their prices when restocked with the Courier.
  • Weekly Patch 13: Thinking Ahead
    • Sozu now prevents you from acquiring new potions rather than preventing usage (similar to Ectoplasm).
    • Fixed bug where Nemesis could take more than 1 damage from Thorns, Potions, and relics like Letter Opener.
  • Weekly Patch 11: A Library of Features
    • If you attempt to get a deprecated potion, you now get a Fire Potion.
  • Weekly Patch 10: Quality of Life
    • Adding new Ancient Potion.
    • Removed Elixir Potion from the game.
  • Weekly Patch 6: We're Back!
    • Elixir potion buff: Now also affects Curses.
  • Weekly Patch 5: Happy Holidays!
    • New Potion, Elixir.
    • Potions now save using their ID rather than their NAME (wasn't loading in other languages).
    • You can no longer open the potions dropdown if you're holding a card.
  • Weekly Patch 4: Full speed ahead!
    • Added a period at the end of Regen potion's description.
  • Weekly Patch 2: Slimes!
    • Dexterity potion description updated for clarity/consistency.
    • Strength potion description updated for clarity/consistency.
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