Perfected Strike is an Attack card for the Ironclad. It deals 6 damage plus 2 for every card with "Strike" in its name in the player's deck, discard pile, and hand. As a Common card, it can be found as a reward after combats.

Upgrading Perfected Strike increases the damage bonus for each "Strike" from 2 to 3.

The bonus damage is added to the base damage of the card, and all the damage is dealt in one shot. Both in and out of combat, the first line of the card's text is updated to reflect the additional damage.

Each copy of Perfected Strike counts itself as a "Strike".

The eligible cards are:

In game modes where you have access to cards of every color, it additionally counts:


  • Perfected Strike is the most powerful Attack in most Ironclad decks. Simply dropping one into the starting deck deals 18 damage, and it only increases from there.
  • Picking Perfected Strikes early is a reliable strategy. Not only are they strong on their own, but their power grows over time as more Perfected Strikes and other "Strike" cards are obtained.
  • As a Common, the card is often sold by the Merchant at a low price, so players looking to build a Strike deck should pick routes that include his carpet.
  • When packing Perfected Strikes, avoid the Vampires(?) Event, since this will remove your starting and reduce the card's power.
  • Changing the total number of "Strike" cards in your deck, discard pile, and hand during combat affects Perfected Strike's additional damage. This means that its power decreases when "Strikes" are Exhausted or put in Stasis by Bronze Orbs, and increases when "Strikes" are created by Dual Wield
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