Pain is a Curse.

While in hand, lose 1 HP when other cards are played, bypassing any Block. A deadly curse, even worse than Regret
, as minimizing its damage is not often practical. This curse becomes a mixed blessing when used with self-harm cards including Rupture
, Blood for Blood
, Centennial Puzzle
Centennial Puzzle:
The first time you lose HP each combat, draw 3 cards.
Upon solving the puzzle you feel a powerful warmth in your chest.
, Runic Cube
Runic Cube:
Whenever you lose HP, draw 1 card.
The runes are indecipherable.
and Self-Forming Clay
Self-Forming Clay:
Whenever you lose HP in combat, gain 3 Block next turn.
"Most curious! It appears to form itself loosely on my thoughts! Tele-clay?" - Ranwid

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