Orb slots are a feature of the Defect, which limits how many orbs you can have channeled at once. If you channel more orbs than you have Orb slots, then the rightmost orb will be evoked.

The Defect begins with three Orb slots and considers the right most Orb to be the active Orb, being the one that will get evoked. Other classes begins with 0 Orb slots. They will gain 1 Orb slot once they are able to obtain Defect cards from card reward, usually through PrismaticShard.png Prismatic Shard or some game modifier.

Player can increase and decrease the number of Orb slots by playing cards, possessing some relics, or drinking PotionofCapacity.png Potion of Capacity. Losing a slot with an Orb equipped does not Evoke it. A character can have at most 10 Slots. If a character has 0 Slots, Orbs can no longer by Channeled. Orb slots do not carry over between combats.

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Cards[edit | edit source]

These cards modifies the number of the player's Orb slot. Numbers in parentheses are for upgraded version:

Relics[edit | edit source]

These relics modifies the number of the player's Orb slot, or interact with an empty Orb slot.

Other[edit | edit source]

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