Event - Ominous Forge
Ominous Forge is an Event found in all 3 Acts.

You duck into a small hut. Inside, you find what appears to be a forge. The smithing tools are covered with dust, yet a fire roars inside the furnace. You feel on edge...

  • [Forge] Upgrade a card.
  • [Rummage] Obtain a Special Relic. Become Cursed - Pain.
  • [Leave] (Nothing happens)

[Forge] Upgrade a card. Edit

You decide to put the forge to use and...


...improve your arsenal!

Upgrades a card of your choice.

[Rummage] Obtain a Special Relic. Become Cursed - Pain. Edit

You decide to see if you can find anything of use. After uncovering tarps, looking through boxes, and checking nooks and crannies, you find a dust covered relic! You can't shake this ugly feeling as you exit the hut. Maybe you disturbed some sort of spirit?

Provides you with the Warped Tongs relic. Cursed - Pain.

[Leave] (Nothing happens) Edit

There doesn't seem to be anything of use. You exit the way you came, the flames of the furnace casting eerie shadows on the walls inside the hut...

Strategy Edit

  • [Forge] is generally the strongest option here, as it allows you to upgrade whichever card you choose. There is no downside to this option aside from not obtaining Warped Tongs.
  • [Rummage] can also be a viable option if the player has Omamori to negate the curse, or a relic such as Du-Vu Doll to benefit from the curse. The Warped Tongs are also helpful if the player has no cards with good upgrades upon encountering the event or if they are reliant on Searing Blow. In addition, the Warped Tongs will work on cards added to your deck after the event, unlike the singular card upgrade.
  • [Leave] does nothing and is worse than [Forge] in every way. If you have no upgradeable cards, however, choosing to leave is probably the best option.