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Normality is a Curse that limits the player to playing three cards in a single turn while it remains in their hand.


Normality's ability to limit a turn to three cards makes it a particularly deadly Curse. If the player has access to cards that can Discard or Exhaust other cards, such as Purity, Normality is a high-priority target.

Drawing Normality instantly puts it into effect; in other words, if the player has already played over three cards and draws Normality, they will no longer be able to play cards for their turn.

A Merchant or a Rest Site with the PeacePipe.png Peace Pipe should be the player's first priority if they add Normality to their deck.


Copies of cards created by Echo Form and cards that are played twice due to cards such as Double Tap will count as played cards. This makes Normality difficult to play around if the player is relying on these types of cards. Using expensive or X-cost cards during a turn can limit the effect of Normality as less cards will be played overall.

BlueCandle.png Blue Candle will not be able to exhaust Normality after three cards have been played, as exhausting Normality this way counts as a play itself. If Normality is drawn and the player has Blue Candle, they should exhaust Normality before they play three cards.

Drawing Normality while having the RunicPyramid.png Runic Pyramid is almost always fatal, especially during Elite and Boss fights.


Normality synergizes well with VelvetChoker.png Velvet Choker, as Velvet Choker reduces the total amount of playable cards per turn to six, lessening Normality's effect. This synergy is very situational, however; consider looking for alternative synergies, as Normality is dangerous.


Update History[]

  • Patch V1.1: The Dealer
    • Fixed exploit of playing Normality while already having played 3+ cards.
    • Fixed Normality card not stopping cards affected by Setup and Forethought.
  • Weekly Patch 33: Terror
    • Normality card's reminder text no longer uses incorrect wording.
  • Weekly Patch 6: We're Back!
    • Clarification for Normality. Per turn -> This turn.
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