Neow is an NPC in Slay the Spire. She is a big, whale-like creature with light blue skin and 3 pairs of bright green eyes. Neow lies at the foot of The Spire and welcomes the player to every run.

Little is known about Neow as she is not very talkative herself. However her actions suggest that she begrudges the Spire and wants to destroy it. She does so by sending adventurers up the Spire.

Neow is depicted as possessing powerful magical abilities, which go as far as resurrecting the dead, which she shows whenever an adventurer dies atop the Spire, so they can continue their duty.

Neow blesses adventurers with rewards based on their previous success, offering gold, relics or cards unless they failed to reach the Boss of the Exordium, in which case she offers only two options instead of the usual four, and one of them is the aptly named relic Neow's Lament
Neow's Lament:

Enemies in your first 3 combats will have 1 HP.

The blessing of lamentation bestowed by Neow.

It weakens the monsters in the first few encounters in the Spire to 1 HP, sometimes even giving the adventurer a free shot at an elite monster.

The Cursed Tome event gives more insight on Neow's origins.

Her name may be an onomatopoeia of whale song.