Necronomicurse is received when you get the Necronomicon from the Cursed Tome event. This curse cannot be removed from your deck by any means and any attempt to do so will return the card to your hand.


  • The Necronomicurse counts for Du-Vu Doll.
  • Omamori will negate the Necronomicurse entirely, but only if Omamori is acquired first.
  • If the Necronomicurse is played with Blue Candle, it will be returned to your hand after being exhausted; while this means you can't escape the Necronomicurse, you can play it as this way as many times as you want, and that interaction can be exploited in a number of ways. It allows you to take arbitrary amounts of damage in one-damage increments, triggering useful on-damage effects like Rupture or Blood for Blood; each play still counts as an exhaust, so it will trigger on-exhaust effects like Dead Branch, Dark Embrace, Charon's Ashes; and each one counts as a card played, so it can trigger things like Panache or A Thousand Cuts.
  • This curse is a reference to the Necronomicon from the [the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 1: The First of Many!
    • Necronomicurse no longer shows up on card removal screens (since it cannot be removed).
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